The guy who started it all

A while ago the wife and I went to a Christmas party where she worked. Everybody was having a good time including me and the wife. Her friends were very nice to me almost distracting, you know what I mean , they would dance with me get me drinks, talk and some of them would touch my ass or grind me while dancing. Needless to say I was in heaven, till I noticed my wife dancing with some guy she worked with. They were to close for comfort, smiling and grabbing each others ass while dancing slowly. I didn't like the way this guy felt my wife's ass or how he had her completely in his power. I figured he was a smooth operator, one of those guys who likes to zero in on some wife he figures he can take. I could see wifey was falling for it, she was all over this guy and loving the attention.
Later that night the wife and I had fantastic s**, it went on forever and clearly was something to remember. After I asked about lover boy, I said I noticed him grabbing her ass and so on. She dismissed the whole thing first telling me I was being foolish. Then she said it was only horse play, then she blamed the drinks. Every thing she said seemed to be phony, made up or just plain bullshit. She finished her crapola by telling me he was being sent to another location. I was happy to hear that and she stopped talking.
Some time later at a summer party at one of her friends house I was dancing with one of her girlfriends, I was a little drunk as was she. I asked what happened to lover boy, she looked at me like I was crazy. " You know, the guy who was grabbing her ass, the guy she was so chummy with." She looked my straight in the eye and told me he had a thing for my wife and she lover him for it. I asked if she was f****** him, " what do you think" was her answer. Once my wife found out he was being sent away she did everything she could to get him in bed, which wasn't much, he was very willing.
The story explained allot of things. the way she dressed for work, her working later than usual. Her smelling like a man after work and the quick showers she would take when she came home. The hours of so called shopping she claimed to be doing. I have to admit she covered her tracks very well, I was completely fooled.
The woman I was dancing with ,her friend, said she and lover boy would take days off together, it was all over the office, the only one who didn't know was me. I asked her if she was running interference to keep me from seeing them together at the Christmas party, she said she was and she enjoyed doing it, it was fun grabbing my ass and grinding while dancing. She said she would do it again in a heart beat.
Its been some time since wifey had her affair with lover boy. He has been gone for several years now and will not be back any time soon. He was her first affair but not the last , she has at least 2 maybe 3 men since then. She thinks I don't know anything about them, but I do, she leaves to many clues for me not to notice, and her excuses are silly.
We have children so I stay in the marriage, they are to important to me to leave them. As to my wife we don't have s** very much, I don't trust her at all . My love for her is gone and that hurts .
My advice to you married ladies out there is to stay away from slick talking creeps who don't give a damn about you .

Aug 30, 2019

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  • Have fun ladies! Husbands, let her have fun. Not only does she have a great job, but she keeps you sexually satisfied also. Its really a win win buddy.

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