I pee my pads

I accidentally bought the “Always discreet” bladder control pads for my period. When I realized what they were, I decided to see how well they work... and WOW! I’m hooked!
Great for those “gotta go now” moments, little leaks from coughing or sneezing (it’s nice to not have to hold on) or just because...
I wear them out shopping, with friends, even watching Netflix at home “just because”
I absolutely live the freedom to just “squirt” pee whenever I want...
I told a few friends and they do the same - I think it’s time we stop pretending that we use these pads only for genuine “incontinence” and embrace the convenience factor!



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  • Sooo... I keep seeing ads for these - and decided to order off amazon. With coronavirus, I thought I should try since I’ve kind of always wondered... I think I’m going to keep wearing them :)

  • I wish others would admit. Honestly, I hate public washrooms and it’s so much easier to just wet when you feel like it and change later!

  • I would totally love to find a wet & pissy woman squirting into her pants all day!

  • Oh man that is hot!

  • That’s what they’re for!

  • A few times...

  • Never tried the discreet but I’ve leaked a bit into an overnight maxi a few times

  • I’ll admit to doing this a few times. I’ve also caught my daughter doing it

  • Reminds me of those pee proof panties I see everywhere.

  • In China women actually wear full on “period diapers”. They’re marketed as “full protection” and women are even encouraged to wear them to “treat themselves”. I’m willing to bet the people buying these products wouldn’t even blink at the thought of using it for a little tinkle if the need arises...

  • Never in pads (too embarassing) but I do wear one of my baby’s diapers in my panties for this reason. Nobody knows and they absorb tonnes

  • I used in my baby’s diaper once when in traffic.

  • I wear poise pads everyday because I have irregular periods. And I just like the protection and not having to worry.

  • I’m a janitor at a local college and I can tell you that there are ALOT of women who do this. Every day the trash is overflowing with soaked pads, light diapers and the like. It must be for convenience reasons because I can’t imagine that many women are genuinely leaking every day.

  • Ewwww you p*** yourself on purpose! Wtf is wrong with people these days?

  • I agree with the op - this really needs to come out of the closet. I don’t do this regularly, but I have worn tenas a few times when I was sick and coughing quite a bit.

  • Did you pee in it in purpose?

  • I will admit, yes - I did (they were wet anyway from coughing) and I didn’t feel like getting up - so I just let it flow. Not that big a deal

  • Don’t knock it till you try it.

  • I used to date a girl who *hated* public toilets and used to do this.

  • Ok.. I’ll admit. But only a couple times...

  • I’ve never worn the incontinence pads, but I do wear the overnight pads and have had a few “accidents” in them (ok, so maybe I was just being lazy and didn’t want to get up...)

  • I would absolutely die being caught with “those” pads. Is there really that much of a difference?

  • Oh yeah - it’s pure bliss! I can literally empty my full bladder - sometimes more - and not worry. Simply pee when you want and “freshen up” when you feel like it. Sooooo much better!

  • I prefer tena - but yes, I’ve done this

  • Me too - tenas are more absorbant

  • OMG ladies I thought I was the only one! I wear the big pads and sometimes “leak” a little bit (but it’s not an accident :). Best part is hubby doesn’t even know - he thinks they’re for my period LOL

  • I did this a few times - until hubby asked me about it. (I told him I had a uti haha).

  • I’ll admit I do the same. Started with overnight pads, then moved on to the discreet pads. I wear every day not for incontinence, but just for the convenience. If I need to go, I can wet a little and then change when it’s convenient. Don’t need a full-on pant!

  • I tried those once and tested it out to see if they would work. I ended up peeing the bed too.

  • I wear diapers just because I don't want to be bothered with having to find a bathroom. I just pee. In fact, just yesterday, we were at the movies and halfway thru I had to go, so I just peed. Changed the diaper when we got home. No biggy. Love them.

  • Please tell me you're from the uk

  • I date a girl who has incontinence but she doesn't p*** herself on purpose. Lordy. She's 53, attractive, and wears the "boutique" line that basically looks like panties except the pad under her vag. When we first became intimate it was a little surprise to feel the pad down there, but she explained her issue and it was fine.

    They are not meant to be diapers, but to hold a little fluid from incontinence. Key words: a little. If you took a full p*** in these garments, you would be changing your pants asap.

  • I understand the convenience factor. Never going to admit publicly. I started wearing adult diapers because I found I would get caught short. Usually if I was standing talking to someone I'd suddenly need to pee. Went to the doc and had ultrasounds and so on but nothing was found. Then I worked out that Adult diapers were designed to wear out. Even if you did not wee in them they became pretty tattered even after one day so I just used to be lazy. If I am busy and feel the need I just relax and let it happen. Never going to tell anyone though.

    Of course adult diapers don't hold a huge amount so although being wet does not worry me, leakage does and if I have already wet and then get the quick onset urge then they can leak so usually sometime after wetting, I will go put on a dry one.

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