My Girlfriend Dominated Me In A Wrestling Match

It was a Saturday afternoon. I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my at the time girlfriend. She turned on some boring show that I didn't like, so I quickly snatched the remote from her and changed the channel. She did not like that. She turned to me and was upset. We argued for a few minutes, until she said something along the lines of "Change it back to my show or i'll beat you up." I laughed in her face and replied with "Like you can", or something along those lines. This spiraled off into a completely different argument, where I was saying that boys were stronger than girls and she was arguing the opposite. This eventually led to us deciding to wrestle. We my bedroom and cleared out a decent amount of space on the floor. We agreed on a few basics conditions before we started. Basically we were not allowed to kick or punch, just wrestle, and the match would end when one of us submitted by either saying it or tapping 3 times. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, while my girlfriend was wearing some short shorts and a tight shirt on top where you could see her stomach. Before we started I was already extremely confident that I would win, as I was 17 and she was 16, and she was about 4 inches shorter than me. We counted down and began the match. It started with me going at her and taking her to the floor. She fell on her back, but quickly pushed me off and we were back to the start. The fact that she pushed me off so easily was already making me nervous, but I assured myself I couldn't lose and carried on. I went at her again, but this time when I got on top of her she flipped me, and was on top of me. Luckily I was able to push her off, and once again we were back to square one. I was now really nervous that I would lose. I decided to go at her one more time, and this time I was going to make sure she didn't get up. As soon as we hit the floor, she was able to get my head between her legs, and before I knew it her thighs were touching. "Give up yet", she said. But I laughed and said "We have just started." After about a minute of struggling to break free, I realized that I may lose the match. After about 5 minutes of my girlfriend taunting me, I managed to break free and get back up. I knew that I could not let her get her legs on me again, otherwise I may not have the strength to break free. This time she came at me, pushing me down and getting on top of me. She quickly secured her knees on my hands and sat up on my chest. She then pushed my legs out with her legs, and I was totally pinned. I couldn't move at all. I struggled and squirmed, but to no avail. That's when she leaned down and said in my ear, "You just got pinned by a girl." I looked at her face and saw a smirk. She had me pinned down and there was nothing I could do. "Give up", she said. But I kept trying, hoping for some way out of this. Eventually I realized I was not going to get out, but I could not let my girlfriend know this. I had to do something to not lose this match. She was picking up on the fact that I was reluctant to surrender, so she started to taunt me even more. Saying things like "What, can't push a girl off you", and "I'm not even that strong. C'mon, just get up already." Eventually I tapped out, and she said "Not so strong now are you", and let me up. I couldn't handle losing a wrestling match to a younger, smaller girl, so I had to ask for a rematch. She accepted. We began again, this time she charged at me first. She got me down on the floor within seconds. She then wrapped her legs around my chest, held my arms with her hands, and spread my feet apart. She had pinned me in under 20 seconds! She then said "You done losing yet?", and then laughed a bit. At this point I was mortified. I couldn't believe I had gotten pinned by a girl, twice! I just said "You win", and gave up. She got off me, but not before laughing at me. A few months later we broke up, and she told everyone, including my friends, how she pinned me. It was humiliating, and I can never live it down.

Sep 2, 2019

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  • My girlfriend can pin me when we wrestle even though I’m 3 years older and 40 pounds bigger. She is a former cheerleader and has really strong legs and hips and is athletic and hates to lose at anything. She has beaten me over a hundred times and usually uses her legs to overpower me. She loves to get me on my back and put me in a grapevine until she’s wore me out and then sits on me pinning my arms with her legs. There is no escape from this as I’ve tried everything to get loose. Once she has me beaten she’ll usually slap my face playfully or pull my hair and ask me to admit that she won.she has large b****** and she usually has a big smile as she looks down at me over her b****. We both know she’s better at wrestling and she recently admitted that she had wrestled three other guys and beaten them as well! She’s just a strong girl with a knack for wrestling...

  • It must be embarrassing to have your girlfriend beat you in wrestling. She sounds like she can beat you easily and I’m guessing she has told others about your matches. Would it bother you if others knew she could beat you? She sounds like she enjoys pinning you and humiliating you so I’m guessing she’s bragged to others she can pin you easily. You’ll know if some of her friends challenge you. She will probably get tired of you once she realizes you can’t come close to beating her and she may tell one of her friends to wrestle you. If she sees you lose to another girl you can kiss her goodbye

  • Very nice story, you shouldn't feel humiliated. It is normal if she beat you in wrestling. Usually girls have more stamina and endurance which give them advantage in such matches.
    I often lose to ky wife where first few minutes I do well then she benefits from her better stamina and endurance

  • It’s really embarrassing when she wears her cheerleader outfit and then starts to wrestle with me. In no time she uses her wrestling skill to get on top of me. She then uses her strong hips and legs and her flexibility to put me on my back and pin me. She loves to grapevine me and spread my legs until I tell her that I give up. She then sits on me using her legs to pin my arms. She holds me down with her legs spread and cheerleading skirt wide open so I can at least get some relief by getting a close up of her cheerleader panties. No matter how much I buck and squirm I can’t get her off of me. She enjoys staying on top and making me admit that she is stronger and better at wrestling. It is really embarrassing when she grabs my hair and makes me look into her eyes and admit I lost to a girl. She always says that she can see defeat in my eyes while her eyes are beaming. She once told me while looking down at me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed that she can whip me and that she knew she was very strong for a girl and that I was just average. I am no match for my girl as I’ve tried everything to beat her but she always ends up dominating me. Don’t underestimate a girl

  • I love my girlfriend being stronger than me. We both gym but she can lift more and has bigger muscles than me with better definition. For a bet she pinned me when I wasn't expecting it at a party. I was chatting to a frien, next thing I know I'm on my back, her on top and could overcome her strength to get up. It was so embarrassing. But I found it so h****, since then she dominates me almost every night, she pins me down during s** and rides me until we c**. She says I can do her from behind (My fave position) if I can make her. 6 months later I've only ever had s** with her on top. I can never beat her. She is not b**** though, always in heels and shirt skirts, tight tops, make up etc. She is just so strong. I'm 4" taller than her and I just love she is smaller, stronger and dominating. In the bedroom she wears 7" heels so she is taller, I love this.

  • Listen my man. I'm 49 and fortunately I've never had this experience, but then again I didn't have a girlfriend at 17. You need to strengthen your body, are we agreed on that? Here's something that I use and it works great.
    Every third day you do 100 pushups in 100 minutes (so not all at once). After the first time you may wait more than 3 days for the next time. Then you gradually squeeze the time down to 30 minutes to complete 100 pushups. Easy, convenient and it works. No normal girl will pin you after a month of that.

  • Hmmmm very true, I'd definitely consider that.. Being pinned by a woman must be tough on a guy lol

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