My Girlfriend Dominated Me In A Wrestling Match

It was a Saturday afternoon. I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my at the time girlfriend. She turned on some boring show that I didn't like, so I quickly snatched the remote from her and changed the channel. She did not like that. She turned to me and was upset. We argued for a few minutes, until she said something along the lines of "Change it back to my show or i'll beat you up." I laughed in her face and replied with "Like you can", or something along those lines. This spiraled off into a completely different argument, where I was saying that boys were stronger than girls and she was arguing the opposite. This eventually led to us deciding to wrestle. We my bedroom and cleared out a decent amount of space on the floor. We agreed on a few basics conditions before we started. Basically we were not allowed to kick or punch, just wrestle, and the match would end when one of us submitted by either saying it or tapping 3 times. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, while my girlfriend was wearing some short shorts and a tight shirt on top where you could see her stomach. Before we started I was already extremely confident that I would win, as I was 17 and she was 16, and she was about 4 inches shorter than me. We counted down and began the match. It started with me going at her and taking her to the floor. She fell on her back, but quickly pushed me off and we were back to the start. The fact that she pushed me off so easily was already making me nervous, but I assured myself I couldn't lose and carried on. I went at her again, but this time when I got on top of her she flipped me, and was on top of me. Luckily I was able to push her off, and once again we were back to square one. I was now really nervous that I would lose. I decided to go at her one more time, and this time I was going to make sure she didn't get up. As soon as we hit the floor, she was able to get my head between her legs, and before I knew it her thighs were touching. "Give up yet", she said. But I laughed and said "We have just started." After about a minute of struggling to break free, I realized that I may lose the match. After about 5 minutes of my girlfriend taunting me, I managed to break free and get back up. I knew that I could not let her get her legs on me again, otherwise I may not have the strength to break free. This time she came at me, pushing me down and getting on top of me. She quickly secured her knees on my hands and sat up on my chest. She then pushed my legs out with her legs, and I was totally pinned. I couldn't move at all. I struggled and squirmed, but to no avail. That's when she leaned down and said in my ear, "You just got pinned by a girl." I looked at her face and saw a smirk. She had me pinned down and there was nothing I could do. "Give up", she said. But I kept trying, hoping for some way out of this. Eventually I realized I was not going to get out, but I could not let my girlfriend know this. I had to do something to not lose this match. She was picking up on the fact that I was reluctant to surrender, so she started to taunt me even more. Saying things like "What, can't push a girl off you", and "I'm not even that strong. C'mon, just get up already." Eventually I tapped out, and she said "Not so strong now are you", and let me up. I couldn't handle losing a wrestling match to a younger, smaller girl, so I had to ask for a rematch. She accepted. We began again, this time she charged at me first. She got me down on the floor within seconds. She then wrapped her legs around my chest, held my arms with her hands, and spread my feet apart. She had pinned me in under 20 seconds! She then said "You done losing yet?", and then laughed a bit. At this point I was mortified. I couldn't believe I had gotten pinned by a girl, twice! I just said "You win", and gave up. She got off me, but not before laughing at me. A few months later we broke up, and she told everyone, including my friends, how she pinned me. It was humiliating, and I can never live it down.

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  • I am kid growing up in the 1950’s . This was a period of time that girls were willing to play rough with the boys. That included wrestling, climbing trees and playing tackle football 🏈. This one girl we were watching the women wrestle on tv. Next thing we are on the floor wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with each other. We both had jeans and t shirts 👕 on. We are both 9 years old at the time. Our bodies do not react to sexual activity so we do some extremely rough and tuff wrestling with each other. We both have fun pinning each other. We would wrestle for years and enjoy that time.

  • Boys like wrestling with girls for the close intimate contact that happens between them while wrestling. Do girls also wrestle to get that same feeling.
    It feels good rolling around with them grabbing and grappling with them. Applying all different techniques and holds on them. You can both feel each other getting extremely ** and you are feeling it inside your jeans. Wrestling with girls is a ton of fun.

  • I am a girl and I wrestle with the boys all the times. We do all different wrestling holds on each other. If I feel him getting hard and aroused or if I get ** or both of us I start doing more grapevine and scissors and ** to ** holds so that we will come as we wrestle. I love that part of it.

  • I am a girl also and my bf and I wrestle all the time. I always use grapevine, scissors and ** to ** holds on him. We wrestle at my house on the family room floor. My mom will watch us but my dad will not wrestle so we only do it if he his not at home. My mom gets hot watching us and later will wrestle with my dad to relieve her sexual feelings on him.

  • You’re right I saw my mom and dad in jeans and wrestling extremely rough and tuff with each other. They did not see me , after they were done I heard them having ** in the bedroom. When I get married I want a wife just like my mom. My mom looks good in her jeans and she is a good wrestler from what I saw.

  • I met a girl that I wrestle with over 60 years ago. I am 83 and she is 82. She still looks amazing hot in her jeans and is in good physical shape. We go back to her house and we recreate our old wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with each other. We have slow down some but we did some extremely rough and tuff wrestling for being in our 80’s. I pinned her three times and she pinned me once and made me submit once to her. Believe it or not we both got aroused and ** and we came while wrestling 🤼‍♀️. . She asked if we could strip to our underwear and ** each other. We did that until we were both extremely satisfied. We will wrestle again, that’s for sure. 80’s and still going strong.

  • I just saw your post. My wife and I love to wrestle each other and than have ** after we are done. We are also in our 80’s and like you still having fun and enjoying ourselves.
    Keep it up

  • A friend of mine along with his wife were having a bbq . We are all on our 70’s.
    We all knew each other to some degree.
    This one woman I like is about 2 years younger than me and about 5” shorter than me. She always looks good to me in her jeans and firm body.
    We talk on and off all day, and in doing so I asked her out and she says yes. We go out for a day trip and have a good time. I then asked her out for dinner and a movie. We have a good time. Before I could ask her out again she invites me to her house for supper. She answers the door wearing a great pair of jeans. Talk has supper is cooking. We now know a good amount about each other. We have our supper and move to the couch again to talk more.
    I put my arm around her and pull her a bit closer to me. She said to me getting fresh with me, I reply no. She answers me by stating I am, and she jumps on me straddling me and has me in a head lock. I said so you want to wrestle. Her reply is let’s do it. We move to the floor and start on our knees. We lock up and we are now rolling around grabbing, grappling and wrestling with each other. For two people in their 70’s we are going at it extremely hard. I have her almost in a craddle but she uses her leg strength and breaks free. She is now on top trying for a full body pin but I am able to roll her over. We keep on rolling over again and again. We each have been on top and bottom a few times now. We have applied extreme pressure on each other. It’s been a good even match so far. She knows and can feel me becoming aroused as the match goes on. I can tell she is also getting hot When she gets on top of me mow besides trying to pin me down I can feel her jeans clad starting some grinding movements also. We have been at this almost an hour now. What a match we have going. I finally get on top of her a ** to ** hold and get her submit the match but she is still grinding on me and me on her.
    We are now an item. We are dating and enjoying a lot of wrestling.

  • The woman I met at the bbq we are still dating and things are going good. We have dinner out, go to movies and do day trips. We enjoy going out with our friends.
    We do make sure that we can have time to wrestle with each other 2 times a week.
    We love to start on our knees and go from there. We enjoy been all tangled together in our jeans rolling around with each other wrestling, grabbing and grappling. Close contact with each other is not an issue. She will be on top trying to pin me and than I roll her off and get on top of her. We just keep wrestling like this for as long as we can we do get extremely excited about aroused which is just fine with us. We may come while wrestling or after the winning pin or submission we will ** each other.
    Also we are appx 50/50 on who wins. To be able for us in our 70’s to wrestle like this is amazing. Go grab your partner and start wrestling and enjoy yourself

  • My girlfriend and I do not act like if we are in our 70’s. We decided to go to the park and find a private spot to park and wrestle. We start wrestling with each other. We are grabbing, grappling, rolling around wrestling with each other. She has her tight jeans and and tank top on. We are just trying to pin the other. I get her in full craddle and pin her. We are wrestling again and I get her in a leg craddle for the pin. She is able to trap me in a grapevine and I submit. I now get her in a full body position and applying the pin and she starts to grind on me. I am ** and I am grinding away on her. We have both come in our jeans already but we just keep dry ** on each other. We enjoy ourselves at the park and then later we go out with our friends for dinner and drinks. We continue as friends and truly enjoy our relationship. Until next time.

  • I need to find a woman right that. You hit the jackpot

  • Nice going finding a girlfriend and someone who is still ok wrestling with you in your 70’s.
    Good luck

  • You are lucky. Find a woman in her 70’s still looking good in jeans and is able and willing to wrestle with you. You still enjoyed getting aroused and pleasing each other. You have other things in common also.

  • Where did you find this woman? Does she have a sister or friend? I would like to find someone in the mid 60’s that wears jeans and love to wrestle. You are one lucky guy

  • I asked my neighbor who is a widow and on her 70’s. She is pretty active and the tightest pair of jeans and tank top. I am also a widow and in my 70’s. She just laughed and said no way. I have to keep looking.

  • A few weeks later I run into a former coworker. She is singled and in her 70’s and is pretty physical active. She has a pair of jeans leggings on and looks good. I get a second no. Ok I am 0-2. This is not easy.

  • I now run into a old classmate from high school. She looks amazing in nice extremely tight jeans and tank top. She was a tomboy back than. She would wrestle with the boys all the time. I never was lucky enough to have wrestle with her. I asked her if she stills wrestle and she stated not since her husband has passed away. She asked me if I was trying to have a wrestling 🤼‍♀️ match with her. I told her yes. She thank me and than told me no
    Ok I am now 0-3. This is hard finding a woman in the 70 ‘s who still wrestle with you.

  • Ok, I am having trouble finding a woman in her 70’s to wrestle with me. I get stop by a sister of one I asked to wrestle. She is looking extremely hot and good in her jeans and tank top. She is in her 80’s and wants to wrestle with me. I told her no and she asked me to come over to her house. I go over and she leads me to work out room with mats. She flips me over and in seconds has me in a school girl pin and I tap out. Not bad for a 80 year old gal. I go at her and I am against pinned in a grapevine position. She is a dynamite senior citizen wrestler. She and I go at it again and I get her in a full body craddle for the win. Now we wrestling extremely rough and tuff with each other. I find a opening for a full body pin. She taps out. I am extremely excited and ** and from her moans she is also. We are really go pretty hard now and we are in the ** to ** hold. We call it a draw and we ** each other again and again. We are now wrestling with each other a few times a week. This is really fun

  • Does she have a sister. I need to find someone just like her. You are lucky

  • My girl friends legs are really strong too, sometimes she raps them round my waist and squeeses me untill I tap when I ** her off, its sometimes a bit sketchy because she doesn't always let go untill a while and I can't beath and don't know when she'll release and stop, I don't know what to do to stop it even though I work out and thought I was strong, she said she likes to to it it exited her for some reason, maybe I need to find some one else

  • Do you wrestle and she gets you into that hold or dose she you put you into that position. If you do not wrestle, try wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with her and see what happens.

  • My girlfriend can pin me when we wrestle even though I’m 3 years older and 40 pounds bigger. She is a former cheerleader and has really strong legs and hips and is athletic and hates to lose at anything. She has beaten me over a hundred times and usually uses her legs to overpower me. She loves to get me on my back and put me in a grapevine until she’s wore me out and then sits on me pinning my arms with her legs. There is no escape from this as I’ve tried everything to get loose. Once she has me beaten she’ll usually slap my face playfully or pull my hair and ask me to admit that she won.she has large ** and she usually has a big smile as she looks down at me over her **. We both know she’s better at wrestling and she recently admitted that she had wrestled three other guys and beaten them as well! She’s just a strong girl with a knack for wrestling...

  • Girls do have stronger legs. You are lucky she is not a dancer,runner or swimmer, those girls have really strong legs that can be weapons in a wrestling 🤼‍♀️ match.
    A old girl friend of my was a runner in high school and college as well as a dancer.
    She had really good use of her legs on me in our wrestling 🤼‍♀️ matches.
    She did them all craddle hold, leg siscorrs,grapevine and a powerhouse ** to ** hold laying on me that would make me submit. As we got older and she would apply that ** to ** hold laying on top of me and both of us in jeans 👖 would get us both very excited. Sometimes I could get free and roll her over and put her in the same hold
    That would send her over the top
    Wrestling 🤼‍♀️ With her was always fun times

  • My wife and I love to wrestle. She is in her jeans and you can see how big and strong her legs and thighs are. She knows how to you use them while wrestling me. She gets me with those legs and thighs and I am done. I must submit

  • My wife and I love to wrestle each other. If I can pin her down and make her tap out I am doing good. If I let her use her extremely strong legs 🦵 and thighs on me she will wrestle me into a submission hold and I will tap out. Women’s legs are very muscular and strong. Keep on wrestling 🤼‍♀️ and having fun. I also enjoy our passionate ** we have after wrestling with each other.

  • How big and old are the 3 guys she beaten?
    Have you wrestle with any girls?
    How did you do against them?
    How old are the two of you?

  • It must be embarrassing to have your girlfriend beat you in wrestling. She sounds like she can beat you easily and I’m guessing she has told others about your matches. Would it bother you if others knew she could beat you? She sounds like she enjoys pinning you and humiliating you so I’m guessing she’s bragged to others she can pin you easily. You’ll know if some of her friends challenge you. She will probably get tired of you once she realizes you can’t come close to beating her and she may tell one of her friends to wrestle you. If she sees you lose to another girl you can kiss her goodbye

  • I had the same type of experience. My girlfriend started wrestling with me in front of her parents. She was in total control of the match. She already has pinned me twice. Her mom and dad are telling me it’s ok for me to Wrestle her and pin her. I am trying I say. She now puts me into a grapevine position and I submit again. Her parents told me I better learn how to wrestle or keep on losing. We broke up a couple of weeks later. Some girls can really wrestle.

  • I had almost the same type of experience that you had. My new girlfriend knows that I have wrestle with girls in the past. We are at her house watching tv 📺 with her parents. She turns to me and said let’s wrestle. Before I know it she was on top of me and pinned me in a leg craddle. We go again and she is applying different positions and moves on me. I can see her extremely tight and strong legs and thighs stretching her jeans. She had a lot of strength in her lower body. She gets me in a grapevine position and is stretching my legs very far apart and I submit. Her parents tell me I am holding back because of them, they told me to let go and start wrestling 🤼‍♀️ her. We go again and I have her on her stomach and under control and I put my hand between her legs and roll her over and get her into a full body pin and I grind my ** onto her ** and she taps out. I let her up and she attacks my legs as we’re are getting up and we go down rolling around and grappling with each other using all holds and positions on each other. I find a chance to put her into a grapevine position and than move myself into a ** to ** hold and made her submit. Her parents were ok we us doing extremely rough and tuff wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with each. We than went for a ride in my car and then park in her yard and ** each other over and over. We ended up getting married and we had great wrestling 🤼‍♀️ and amazing passionate ** the whole time.

  • My first wrestling match with a girl was a bicycle leg wrestling match and I loss really bad. She was 3 years older than me about 75 lbs bigger. Our next match was an Indian leg wrestling match and I was also beaten again. She asked me to have a wrestling match with her. I told her no, knowing that I did not stand a chance of winning. She told me with would start in any position that I wanted. I agree to that and she was on all fours and I was on top in the wrestling advantage position. We wrestle for a good minute or so until she broke away and rolled me over and got on top and pinned me. It wasn’t until a few years later after I grew in size and I could pin her, but our matches were close and hard fought.
    This girl got me into wrestling with other girls

  • The second time I wrestle this girl we do not to the bicycle leg wrestling or the Indian leg wrestling. She just go for wrestling each other. I have my choice on how to start the match. I decided I wanted to lay across her body. This works out better. I can see the muscles in her legs getting bigger inside her jeans. She is finally able to get me off of her but I grab onto her and we are now locked together extremely tight together. We are having a great match wrestling each other. It’s just a matter of time before her weight advantage kicks in. I know we are both extremely excited and aroused. She rolls me over and gets on top of me with a full body pin for the win and she is grinding me like crazy. She wins again but so do I. This will be the way our matches goes for a couple of years until I grow in size and she has no weight advantage. Our matches will be 50/50 since she is a very good wrestler. We get Horner with each other over the years and we always take care of business
    Have fun wrestling

  • I wrestle with this girl again. I get to how we start. I choice for us both to be on all fours. We are on all fours a moving towards each other. As I am getting closer to her I jump and flipped my body so I get my legs around her body and roll her over on her back. I am squeezing her with all I have. I see arm muscles getting harder and bigger and the same for legs. Her jeans are getting tight on her as the leg muscles are tight and large. Her muscles body and weight advantage is kicking in. We are locked together very tight and close contact and are rolling around with each other wrestling and grappling with each other. She can feel me getting aroused and with all of our extreme wrestling she is also getting extremely excited and aroused. At one point I had her in a full body pin and I apply pressure on her ** and she was able to wrestle out of it and gets me into a very extreme grapevine position and is putting her all into it. She is spreading my legs so far part that I can not move and she just keeps applying pressure so I must submit and she is grinding me extremely hard. We both came as we were wrestling but we both came again. She let’s go of me and she grab my ** and is rubbing me with her hand. I put my hand on her ** and start rubbing her.We both are aroused again and she grabs me and rolls me on top of her. We than start a extremely dry humbling experience that we will never forget. We can not wait until our next wrestling match.

  • I now have my 4th wrestling match with this girl. I can still choose the starting position. I pick to be on our knees and l am behind her. We say ready,set, wrestle. I but her hands out from under her and she lands on her stomach. I ram her hard into her ** and just keep applying extremely hard pressure on her. She moving around trying to get free. This just causes me to get aroused and now I am ramming her from the back like crazy. I hear her moan with pressure. How to not no how put she is able turn me and we are just rolling around on the floor in very tight and close contact. We are both extremely excited and aroused and we keep on wrestling. She said ok now you are going to get submitted beyond your wildest dreams. She get me in a extremely tight and hard leg ** to ** hold hold and apply a ton of pressure on me. I have no choice but to submit to her. She keeps me in the hold and we are grinding and rubbing each other ** like crazy. What a great wrestling match. The best ever. We can not wait until the next time.

  • I am now having my 5th wrestling match with this girl. I can choice the start. This time I want to start standing up. She looks like I am crazy but it’s my decision. We are circling each other I see an opening I grab her and flip her on the floor. I do not go after her. She get up I go and grab her and flip onto the floor again and I back off. She see that I am not going for . She get up and I jump on her bring to the floor and I roll over her and get up. She has been flip three times now. She now locked up and I bring her down again but now I make sure that we are tangled together tightly. We are rolling and rolling over together about 7-8 times. I can feel her muscles getting better and tight inside her jeans. I let her up and I grab like the last and we go down again and we do the rolling. I know I am getting aroused and I felt a reaction from her. This time I roll her over onto her stomach. I am my hard ** into her rear end. With jeans on no penetration can happen but she still me and she moans. I am ramming her hard and I grab her ** and squeeze. She trying her best to wrestle free but she is ** and extremely aroused. She gets hand free and grabs my **. She then puts me into a killer grapevine and shows me no mercy. I must submit. Before I know it she put me in a extremely tight leg ** to ** position and is grinding and ** me like crazy. She admits I almost won tonight. I told I loss the match but won in other ways. I think she has the weight advantage but I am getting harder to pin or submit. Until our next match.

  • I am wrestling this girl in our 6th match. She is in tight jeans that show how big and strong her legs and thighs are. I choice to have her on her back and I will sit on her facing away. We start wrestling and I am pull her legs back in a reverse craddle pin. My first win over her. We wrestle again I have am applying a body pin on her and she breaks free. She now has me in a bear hug and we are doing extremely hard and ruff and tuff wrestling. We are rolling around with each other grappling, grabbing and touching each other. She and I have been on top or bottom of each other many times. I can feel her getting aroused and she can feel my ** is hard. We keep wrestling each other. She gets me into extremely tight leg ** to ** hold and I must submit the match. We have both while wrestling. For the first time we removed our jeans and **. I put my hands inside her underwear and rub her and surprise her had I slide them down and kiss her and lick her, she moans in pleasure. She slides my underwear down and rubs and kisses and licks me. We are both extremely hot and **. We ** each other in our underwear and start wrestling again for the first time wrestling in underwear. We ** one last time. Put our jeans on and can wait until we wrestle again.

  • This will be out 7th and final wrestling match with each other. She is leaving for college. She has my favorite ** and tight jeans with a sports bra on. We start standing up and I get her down extremely fast and wrestle her into a full body pin and the win. She gets up and jumps on me and I am in a full body craddle pin and I tap out. We are now locked together rolling around wrestling, grabbing, grabbing and groping each other . She is on top and then I am on top. We both are getting extremely aroused and **. She gets me in a full body pin I tap out. She is dry ** me like crazy. We take our jeans off and ** each other again. Then we are wrestling again in our underwear and we end up in the leg ** to ** position. We start wrestling with each other again but we grab each other ** and start rubbing each other and then we are grinding extremely ** each other and we ** each other for the last time. I pull her underwear down and rub and kiss her private zone and she responded by doing the same to me. We give each other a very passionate kiss and we say goodbye. I never saw or wrestle with her again. After college she gets a job out by school and that the end of our good times.

  • Wrestling with a larger girl who has muscles and not fat is great. You can feel her squeeze you and you can see her legs inside her jeans are very tight and strong. You both are wrestling and grappling and you got on top of her in a full body pin and you both are getting extremely excited and aroused. You keep on wrestling. You both come while you are wrestling but you keep on wrestling for 45 minutes. You both enjoyed wrestling with each other. You pin her with a craddle hold and then jump on top of her holding her down and she rolls over you and she now has you in a very tight grapevine position. She is grinding you and now you submit to her but you have again have done the deed.
    You both will enjoy many years of wrestling with each other.

  • I have wrestle a few girls. Won some and loss some. The girls all have been 1-2 years younger than me or same age. Our weight range has been only a few pounds lighter or heavier. Height difference is normal range for boys and girls.
    I like the idea of wrestling a larger figure girl, fit and strong not fat. I would I to see how that match would work out. Wish me luck

  • I found a full figure girl to wrestle with. She has a good 75 pounds on me. We are both 19 years old. We meet at her to wrestle. She is in very tight jeans and tube top. I could see her jeans fitting very tight on her legs, is muscles or fat. Upper body looks good is that fat or muscles. I am about to find out. We lock together for the take down. I can to feel her has we are wrestling. The legs are firm and tight no fat. The same with the upper body. Firm and hard muscles no fat. We go down on each other rolling around and grappling with each other. I am on top she is on top. This just keeps going this way. She pins me with a body sisscors and I am force to submit. She let’s me up and yells by let’s go again. We are both over each other just wrestling and grappling like crazy. I find a chance to put her in a full body pin and she submits to me. I am extremely excited and aroused and I know from the way we have been wrestling she is also. We are both getting tired but we keep going. I have my hand on her ** trying to get her into a leg ** to ** hold. I hear her moan and in that second I applied the leg ** to ** position and pin her. She submits submits but she pulls me closer and tighter if that is even possible. And we ** each other over and over. We are now wrestling partners for many years
    Find a full figure gal and go for it.

  • You should ask another girl to wrestle with you. This girl should not know your girlfriend.
    See if you can pin this girl in a wrestling 🤼‍♀️ match. If you lose, just give up on wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with girls unless you enjoyed it. If you win try wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with your girlfriend again. If you win it then have another match and see who wins. If she wins you may have to consider that you both can win . If it was me I would keep on wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with her. My response is I love wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with girls. If I win that is ok and if I lose I still win if you know what I mean

  • The girl that leaved in the house next to me we wrestle all the time
    She knew how to wrestle and was very strong and fast
    We were equally matched with both of us winning half our matches
    She would wear jeans and sports bra and me jeans and t shirt
    Did would put each other in craddle, grapevine and ** to ** holds
    Those were fun times

  • The girl that leaves next to me, while I am in my backyard. She has her tight jeans and t shirt in. We start wrestling with each other. We are all tangled together and we are now rolling around on the ground wrestling with each other extremely rough and tuff. We are grabbing, grappling, groping and applying all different holds and positions on each other. She is on top of me trying for a pin I get my hands between her legs and turn her over onto her back and has I am trying to get her into a full body pin she is able to get one leg in between my legs and also using her hand , she now turned me over on the ground and she is on top of me. We are holding onto to each other and we are just rolling around grabbing each grappling with each other. I get her in a full body pin and she taps out. We are now wrestling extremely tight and rough again and she has me in a grapevine position and I can not break it. She is on top of me spreading my legs so far apart that I submit the match to her. We are now locked together and are rolling around with each other and wrestling with each other extremely rough and tuff once again. I finally get the opportunity to get my hand on her ** and move it down between her legs and and get on top of her for a full body pin and she taps out. I just lay on top of her ** to **, keeping her pinned to the ground. We just keep in that position for a long time. She can feel that I am hard inside my jeans and I hear her moan and move her ** up against my **. What a great wrestling match that was. We would have many more like that in the years to come. Those later wrestling matches would end in some extremely intense and ** ** each other after the match.

  • The girls in my neighborhood love wrestling with other girls and wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with the boys. Even from the beginning of wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with girls I like the ones that could filled out a pair of jeans in the legs, thighs,** and a great **. We would wrestle each other to the ground. We would be grabbing, grappling, wrestling, real hard rough and tuff wrestling. We would pin them down and they do also pin us. We did not keep track of who won or loss. We were usually about 50-50. We just like tackling each other and rolling around on top of each other until someone got the other pinned. Just do old fashioned wrestling 🤼‍♀️ and fun.

  • The girl next door calls me and me to come over to wrestle. Her mom and dad are out for the day. I go over and the family room is all set for our wrestling match. She is in her jeans and a blue sports bra. She said let’s start on all four and not our knees. Let’s see what that is like, I agree. We both had to get used to the new start. We finally lock up and we are wrestling and grappling with each other. A lot of hand actions from both of us. We have both been on top or bottom of each other many times already. She is getting me into a grapevine position and I reach down and grab her ** and she moans and I flipped her off of me and I put the grapevine on her really tight and she is not able to get out of it. She submits and as I am rolling off of her she turns me on back and jumps on to me in a full body pin and starts to dry ** me . We are both extremely excited and aroused that in no time we have satisfied each other.
    We have some lunch and wrestle the rest of the day. We had many years of wrestling with each other.

  • Very nice story, you shouldn't feel humiliated. It is normal if she beat you in wrestling. Usually girls have more stamina and endurance which give them advantage in such matches.
    I often lose to ky wife where first few minutes I do well then she benefits from her better stamina and endurance

  • In wrestling with my wife after a couple of years, we were 50/50 on wins and losses. I was proud of her and enjoyed our matches better. In a match that when on for while that is where her stamina and endurance would kick in . Her strength and strong legs just got better. At this point she could wrap her legs around my body or get me in a grapevine or apply a deadly leg ** to ** hold and make me submit. The reward was great ** after a hard fought match.

  • The first time my wife and I wrestle each other was our 4th date at her house . We were sitting on the sofa and her mom was in a arm chair. She told her mom that she was going to wrestle with me. Her mom said ok. She was thinking we would just roll around with each other. My wife and I had a extremely tight and hard fought wrestling match. I pinned her two times. Her mom was more than surprised at how hard she wrestle with me. She was ok with our wrestling. Just done wrestle in front of her dad. Many good times wrestling my wife at her house.

  • My wife and I meet on a blind date. We double dated with the couple that matched ur up. I drove to where we were going. I had bench seats and four speed in my car. Going up she moved next to me but not on top of me. Our date was good. She sat very lose to me on the way home. I could not rest my right hand on the seat has she was close to me, which was ok with me. So I kept on right hand on the shifter . Saw that it was uncomfortable for me so she grab my hand and put in on her knee. That was great. Fun drive home. That date led to 50 1/2 years of dating, engagement and marriage. That was all a time time of us wrestling extremely hard with each other and passionate,wild and crazy **. She is my ** tomboy.

  • My wife and I had our first wrestling match at my house. She had on lady wrangler jeans that were tight and show how big and strong her legs and thighs were. Also she had great **. After my dad went to bed early for with went to the basement to wrestle. Mom came downstairs to watch, to see how good her future daughter in law could wrestle. We start wrestling each other in a extremely tight match. We are rolling around and grappling and grappling with each other and trying to pin or submit the other. My mom will yell at me if I had her down saying give to her, apply more pressure on her for the pin, I did got the pin. We wrestle again just like the last match and my wife is trying to get a full body pin on me. Mom yelled at her to get her ** tighter on me and apply more pressure so she can pin me. She does so and I am pinned. Mom says that my new daughter in law. Good wrestling keep it up and welcome to the family. My mom also likes wrestling, and she and dad also wrestle. Mom goes upstairs and my wife and I extremely aroused so we ** each other.

  • My wife loves to wrestle in the standing position. If she takes me down with those strong legs and thighs and had a pin going she most likely will win, if she does not have a pin going the match is now 50/50. She knows how to wrestle and is very tuff. We always have good match’s. I like to get her into full body pins or a leg ** to ** hold. She likes to get me in grapevine , full body pin or the leg ** to ** hold. We will both get aroused while wrestling and come in our jeans. We than will ** each other in just our underwear.

  • My wife and I go on weekend trips or vacation. We would wrestle in our jeans at all of theses locations. Then we would also have great crazy **. Wrestling and ** with your wife the perfect combination.

  • My wife and I love going to the park and find a very private spot to wrestle in the standing up position. We would have extremely hard fought wrestling matches. We would be rolling around on the ground and be grappling and grabbing with each other. We were good ruff and tuff matches. Most times we would pin or submit each other a couple of times. We would come in our jeans while wrestling and then ** each other.

  • The last few days before our wedding we were always busy getting ready. We wanted to get married really bad but we were getting hyper about it. We needed to wrestle with each other. Friday was the wedding rehearsal, Saturday was the wedding and Sunday was a traveling day for our honeymoon. We decided we would wrestle on Thursday night. After dark when we could not be seen we went outside in her yard in a private spot and we had a ruff and tuff wrestling match with each other. After we ** each other in our jeans. Monday on our honeymoon we had another ruff and tuff wrestling match with each other for the first time as husband and wife. A great way to start a great marriage.

  • After our marriage we would wrestle in our jeans and have great matches. We would get aroused so we would strip to our underwear and keep on wrestling each other. We would come in our underwear. Sometimes we you get naked and have ** on the floor. Most times we would wait to got to bed. We would wrestle again this time in the **. We would wrestle in very sexual positions and holds and after pinning each other my ** tomboy wife and I would have very passionate **. We did this our whole marriage.

  • My wife and I were very passionate about wrestling each other and having ** with each other. I could look at her in tight jeans and get aroused, she was the same way. If we did any touching, grabbing each other or rubbing each other we would become extremely aroused and **. We than could not wait for our next wrestling match and wild **.

  • My wife and I would wrestle with her friend and husband from high school. Each person who wrestle at least once again the other three people. No ** or inappropriate touching,grabbing was allowed. Nobody broke the rules because we liked wrestling with each other. We wrestle for a few years before they moved 1500 miles away from us. We did have fun wrestling. My wife and I when we got home would head for the bedroom and get ** and wrestle with each other and then have great **.

  • My wife and I love to wrestle with each other. After we were married we would wrestle all the time. Most times on the floor in our jeans . I could pin her or get her into a submission hold. She could very easily pin me or make me submit when she used her strong legs and thighs and squeeze me until I submit to her. Then later in bed we had great **. After the kids we waited until they were in bed so we could wrestle on the floor where we had more room. Our bed was that large enough for us to wrestle the way we wanted. Our daughter got up one night and came down stairs to find me pinning her mommy in a full body craddle hold. She yells daddy is wrestling mommy and he is winning. About two weeks later she catches us again. This time mommy has daddy in a extremely tight grapevine hold applying a ton of pressure on my ** so I had to submit to her. She yelled out mommy and daddy are wrestling again and mommy is beating daddy. Mommy wins,mommy wins. She tell her that mommy and daddy like to wrestle also. We still have ** later in bed after those matches. The worsted time was we were wrestling on the bed ** I had just pinned my wife and was putting on aroused ** in my wife and she moans with delight and I moans also has I am holding my wife firmly and ramming into her. Our daughter is watching us from the door. We were at that point that I finished her off. She asked a few questions about this wrestling match. We are lucky she over the years never remember those times she saw wrestling. We learned to be extremely careful about our wrestling matches.

  • A few years later after our daughter caught us wrestling with each other she is now in 6th. She meets her best friend for live. The two of them in jeans would wrestle each other. This is the time of co-Ed gym class. They want to learn more about wrestling so when they wrestle the boys they will be able to have a better match. Two of the boys in gym class stop by our house and the guy are wrestling with the girls. All matches are girls wrestling boys. My wife and I have watched them and all is ok. Our daughter also is wrestling with one of the boys a few times a week now. She is like her mom she can win a lot. She can pinned or make them submit. After awhile she ask if is ok to be wrestling and with boys
    We talk to her and explain that with gym class and girls having good leg and thighs strength and endurance that helps her win. My wife tells about wrestling with boys as they get older. She ask if we wrestle each other. We tell her we do. She ask if we just roll around or wrestle. We tell her that we extremely hard wrestling matches. She stated that she have not seen us. We tell her we wrestle in our jeans on the floor after you are in bed. It’s nice knowing she does not remember seeing us.

  • After talking to our daughter about wrestling, we are in the mood to wrestle ourselves. The kids are out of the house for awhile so I grab my wife by the hand and we start to wrestle. She grabs me and pulled me down onto the floor and she applied a full body pin on me . While she has me pinned I rub her rear end and she gets aroused. We start wrestling again. We are wrestling and grappling with each other and grabbing where we can. We are in a full out wrestling match with each other. She pin me again with a full body craddle pin. We are wrestling with each other again. We are both extremely excited and aroused. I get her in a leg ** to ** hold and make her submit. We ** each other on the floor. She says we still have time before the kids come home so let’s go to our room and have ** now. We go and have amazing ** . We do it again and then get ready for supper. That night we wrestle ** and have ** again. I am so lucky that my wife loves to wrestle she wrestle because she loves the sport and close and extremely intimate feeling of wrestling with each other. Also she is one ** lady. We do this for many years.

  • My girlfriend and I are going to the CA shore for a week vacation with my parents. They have rented a three bedroom house. We are used to wrestling each other 3-5 times a week. Thursday and Friday we have been busy getting ready to go to the shore. We both needed jeans and jeans shorts. She needs a new swimsuit. She finds a one piece suit that is even sexier than a bikini.
    Saturday and Sunday we have no alone time. This is 4 days of no wrestling. My mom knows we wrestle and we need to wrestle and such. She finds a way that we can stay back at the house and wrestle and than meet them at the beach. Dad and mom go to the beach and we just ditch our jeans and wrestle each other to the floor in our underwear. We are wrestling each other like two caged ** animals. One of our better wrestling matches ever. We than ** obtains out. We help each other into our swimsuits and enjoy body surfing in the ocean. Mom also got us one other time alone. Mom is really great and understanding. She knows we will be married very soon. We have been marry now for over 60’s years.

  • On the next time that my mom got us 3 hours. My mom and dad are going shopping and than we will meet for dinner. We are so ** to wrestle that we keep our jeans on. We do some extremely hard wrestling. She pins me with a full body pin and grinds on me. I get her pinned in our next match with a full body craddle pin. After I have her pin I start to rub her ** and rear end. She grabs my ** and rub it. We do not even wrestle we just put ourselves in the full leg ** to ** position. We are dry ** like to wild animals. We now feel better. She jumps into the shower to get clean and wash her hair. I get into the shower with her and we wash each other. We get out and we dry each other. We love each other’s body. We will see each other ** many times before our marriage but our only ** is crazy dry **. On our honeymoon we will have intense and extremely amazing **. Until we wrestle again.

  • That is so tryin wrestling with a girl
    They have better stamina and endurance
    You can pin her if you put your hand by her ** and apply a craddle and pin her
    After that get on top of her ** to ** and hold her hands down and make her submit. You must do this before you get tired and she then can over power you
    Wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with your girl is fun, go for it

  • I also wrestle with the girl in the house next to my house. We were the same age and about the same weight. I was 6’2” and she was 5’5”.
    She would have on her wrangler jeans and a tank top. We would just wrestle like crazy. Craddles,sisscors , grapevine, leg holds , full body pins and leg ** to ** hold. We would be rolling around wrestling and grappling and grabbing and holding each other. She would wrestle you very hard. We always ended up in some crazy positions. I would win about half and she would win about half. As we got older we kept on wrestling and we would get very much aroused. She could feel me in my jeans and she would make sure she got me in a position that was good for us both. Fun times.

  • I also wrestle with a new girl who moved into the house next to ours. She has seen me and some other girl wrestling and she wanted to wrestle me. Her mom was at work so we started wrestling in the family room. I just was bringing up her Jean cover leg into a craddle hold for the pin and her mom came in yelled for me to get off her daughter. Has I was letting her go the daughter put me in a full body leg sisscors rolled me over jump on me into a full body pin.
    Her mom told her to get off of me and for me to get out of the house.
    The next day after school her mom see me in my yard and. She ask me to come over. She told me that her daughter wanted to wrestle me and I did nothing wrong. She did not think it was ladylike for her to be wrestling with me.
    I told her that girls like to wrestle and my parents are ok with it. I said to her so you do not wrestle with your husband?
    She said no we do not. I said if I beat you in wrestling can I wrestle your daughter. She agreed since she was not fat but had 40 pounds on me. She changed from her work dress into jeans and we started to wrestle. The weight difference was big but not ever wrestle before was my advantage. It was hard but I got her in a full body pin and made her submit. We were both extremely aroused and we both had wet jeans. I can now wrestle her daughter. Her daughter told me see saw her mom and dad wrestling and having fun.
    All is good

  • Sometimes if this girl is not home yet her mother would ask me to come in and wait for. One time I was waiting and her mom had on a summer dress. She told she would be right back. She came back in wearing tight jeans and a bra. She got down on all fours and said let’s wrestle. I agreed and we started wrestling with each other. This has gotten better since the one and only time that I wrestle her. We are rolling around on the floor wrestling, grabbing, grappling with each other. She is on top of me I get her off and now I am on top and this just keeps going on. We are applying sisscors, leg holds, grapevine and full body pin s on each other. I am now extremely excited and aroused and she knows it. I think she may be getting the same way as she gets on top of me once again I can feel her moving her ** up and down on my **. I turn her into a leg ** to ** hold and I made her submit the match but she drives deeper into me. We both have wet jeans now. She told me now she has some new holds and positions to use on her husband.
    Her daughter comes into the room and see us together. She says ok my turn to wrestle you.
    We go on to wrestle and also have a happy ending.

  • I go over to this girl house to wrestle her now that it ok with her mom. She tells me her mom and dad are wrestling all the time now. She also told that I must wrestle her mom before I can wrestle her. Her mom is wearing tight skinny jean leggings, we wrestle for about half before I get her in the leg ** to ** position. My girlfriend told me to ** her since we are both extremely aroused and her mom wants it. I grind her hard and heavy. Now I can wrestle her daughter. She tells me she is already extremely excited and aroused from watching us wrestle. I waste no time and wrestle her into the leg ** to ** position. I feel a little bad that we had a short match because we do like wrestling each other. But our dry ** more than makes up for it. I told next we will wrestle at my house so we can wrestle with each other for a longer time.
    Until next time

  • Wow, I also enjoyed wrestling with the girl in the house next to ours. She was 5’2” and I was 6’4”. I weighed 125 and she was 175 pounds. She was not fat but build solid and strong. She was in good shape and move very quickly.
    You could see how firm and strong by looking at her in her jeans and how firm she was.
    I love wrestling with larger girls. If you are on top and you are trying to pin or submit her you can feel her fighting you back. If she is on top you can feel her legs and thighs squeezing you. We would lock up in grapevine, craddles, full body holds, sisscors and ** to ** holds. We are even in wins and losses but it’s always a tuff match in giving up 50 lbs. our wrestling matches are so ruff and tumble with us getting extremely aroused that we most likely will come in our jeans as we are wrestling. We just keep on wrestling until one of us wins. We had many good years of wrestling with each other.

  • I would like to wrestle with a girl. It sounds like fun. I would not care even if I loss. Just been in close contact with her sounds great

  • Go find a girl that is willing to wrestle with you. Make sure that she agreed. Set rules ahead of time so no one get hurt. This just for fun.

  • It’s really embarrassing when she wears her cheerleader outfit and then starts to wrestle with me. In no time she uses her wrestling skill to get on top of me. She then uses her strong hips and legs and her flexibility to put me on my back and pin me. She loves to grapevine me and spread my legs until I tell her that I give up. She then sits on me using her legs to pin my arms. She holds me down with her legs spread and cheerleading skirt wide open so I can at least get some relief by getting a close up of her cheerleader **. No matter how much I buck and squirm I can’t get her off of me. She enjoys staying on top and making me admit that she is stronger and better at wrestling. It is really embarrassing when she grabs my hair and makes me look into her eyes and admit I lost to a girl. She always says that she can see defeat in my eyes while her eyes are beaming. She once told me while looking down at me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed that she can whip me and that she knew she was very strong for a girl and that I was just average. I am no match for my girl as I’ve tried everything to beat her but she always ends up dominating me. Don’t underestimate a girl

  • I love my girlfriend being stronger than me. We both gym but she can lift more and has bigger muscles than me with better definition. For a bet she pinned me when I wasn't expecting it at a party. I was chatting to a frien, next thing I know I'm on my back, her on top and could overcome her strength to get up. It was so embarrassing. But I found it so **, since then she dominates me almost every night, she pins me down during ** and rides me until we **. She says I can do her from behind (My fave position) if I can make her. 6 months later I've only ever had ** with her on top. I can never beat her. She is not ** though, always in heels and shirt skirts, tight tops, make up etc. She is just so strong. I'm 4" taller than her and I just love she is smaller, stronger and dominating. In the bedroom she wears 7" heels so she is taller, I love this.

  • Listen my man. I'm 49 and fortunately I've never had this experience, but then again I didn't have a girlfriend at 17. You need to strengthen your body, are we agreed on that? Here's something that I use and it works great.
    Every third day you do 100 pushups in 100 minutes (so not all at once). After the first time you may wait more than 3 days for the next time. Then you gradually squeeze the time down to 30 minutes to complete 100 pushups. Easy, convenient and it works. No normal girl will pin you after a month of that.

  • Have you ever wrestle with a girl? If not you are missing out on a lot of fun.

  • I think wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with girls is great. I started around 7 years old. It did not matter who won or loss. Just the extremely close intimate contact with them while we wrestling was great. I would wrestle them in their jeans, leggings or underwear. I even wrestle a few in the ** at ages 7-9. Those were fun matches. We did not know about ** yet but we knew the feeling was different and we enjoyed it.

  • Hmmmm very true, I'd definitely consider that.. Being pinned by a woman must be tough on a guy lol

  • I would like to be pinned down in a wrestling match by a girl. Those extremely tight and hard muscular legs and thighs inside her jeans squeezing me. Wow 🤩🤼‍♀️. I got to find someone to wrestle with.

  • Try it
    You will be happy and she should be also

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