Don't read hehe.

Hello Im 24 . I met a girl when i was 17..I really liked her...I once proposed her but she said she consider me only as a friend and probably she thought like I'm very boring...Because even now i don't have very much real friends to talk open..I want to forget her.because i can't get her .she has good position in her life and I'm at low stage of my life.things really dragging me down..I wanted to be a singer or music producer..I like making tunes in fl studio.I need motivation from someone... .thank you for listening to my tragic story hehe. 😊

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  • Just get it over and kill yourself!!!

    The girl you want so bad is definitely FUC KING some other guy who is better then you.

    You are never getting in to the music business because you are a worthless SH IT!!!!!

    Anything else? Go ahead, pull the trigger now.

  • Quit thinking about your negative circumstances...if you change your thinking, you can change your actions, change your actions and you change your life. Thomas Edison failed almost 10,000 times when trying to find a suitable filiment for his light bulb. When asked about this he said he'd found 10,000 things that didn't work. Eventually he discovered the right filiment, because he didn't allow himself the luxury of negative thinking. Keep on seeing yourself in the best possible outcome, no matter how bad the circumstances of your life may appear to you. Remember this F.E.A.R.
    means False Education Appearing Real. Read this book, it will change your life...Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. It was written in the 1930s. It still pertains to today. You will become whatever you see yourself as in your head. I believe you will have a very blessed life, and success will follow you.

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