Are you new here?

Okay, I have a warning for you. If you're coming here for actual advice. Don't. Stop. Go away, shoo shoo. Honestly, I'd recommend Amino and Reddit (basic, I know) and go to an advice subreddit or Amino, or, honestly, the LGBT ones. I would especially recommend LGBT teens or something of the like. Even if you aren't in the community, they'll help you out. Of course, you still have the risk of trolls, but, that's a constant threat. This place is a cesspool where people can't tell who you are, so they post whatever they think will make them feel better, and like to try to link you to other posts. Not a great place to be

To the nice people on here: you deserve better, love ya~

To all the others: bye fuckos



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  • I've been looking on here for a whole, and there was a weird dude called Jesus, who would die for you.
    True story

  • Yeah, I know the guy. Cute brown Jewish kid, does a little carpentry now and then.

    I feel badly for the guy though, because his "fan club" tries to nail him to chunks of dead tree for wearing sandals and suggesting that we all be kinder to one another and not worry so much about accumulating stuff.

    Even truer story.

  • Noice, I know him too!

  • Me clicking the notifications hoping someone didn't comment something rude: 🤡

  • I tried Reddit but the post didn't go through.
    So fight me.

  • Sorry about that man

  • I can't, you're a fucko and I'm weak anyway

  • I see you trying to imitate me

  • Woah, uncalled for

  • But i like to use the word fucko, it makes me sound cool

  • Please don't try to pretend to be the OP


  • I mean, I'm the OP, but I can't prove it either. All I can say is that you sound like a troll and what you said didn't make sense in all the context ┐( ∵ )┌

  • Oh look, a fresh variation on the tired old "waaa ppl are meeeean" trope. It cycles around every once in a while. It's propagated by losers who love to post fetish fantasies or bullshit in a pathetic bid for attention. People don't kiss their butts in the comments, and another round of bitter crying begins. Yawn.

    As you say, the scum are unavoidable, but the -fake- posts on here don't get nearly enough ridicule. I do feel sorry for those who post from the heart and fall prey to the troglodytes, but uh... consider the site you're using. It ain't exactly Fluffy Bunny Land up in here.

    "Buuuuut this is me exercising my free speeeeeeech," you wail. Yes, yes it is. Congratulations. And that's what the commentators are doing too, including the ones YOU don't like. Go ahead and cry about First Amendment blah blah, the rest of us have it too.

    If you "need" only positive validation and attention, too bad. This is the ADULT world. Your parents did you a disservice by training you up to believe the world revolves around you. For the sake of what mental health you have left, learn how life actually works.

  • Whatever you say, buddy

  • It's okay, sweetheart. Common sense is hard for some people. Have a brownie.

  • Thanks fam

  • You are welcome, its laced with laxative :)

  • You sure got me

  • Just getting started, maggot

  • Lord, grow up

  • Stfu dumb ass

  • F*** you

  • Whoa, sick burn. Oops, now you have to come back here and put up some insipid comment so you can be sure you have the last word.

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