Asking to borrow money

F*** you.

F*** you.

And f*** you too.

Quit asking me to borrow money. I’m NOT a bank or loan services/finance company.

Friends and strangers. Figure it out.

Obviously if you are in a position you need to borrow money from a friend or family member you have problems.

Obviously you don’t know how to track your spending, you don’t save anything, you don’t know what a credit card is or even lending apps.

The amount of people that have financial problems boils my blood and somewhat at fault due to themselves but as well as the s***** education system.

I wonder how in the h*** large lending companies have so much trust in people when most are dimwits.

Do I maybe have trust issues, especially money? Probably yes. But that’s because i’ve Been finessed in the past.

Learn to go get a second job, deliver pizza or newspaper, sell unwanted stuff, drive for Uber, apply for a credit card or go get fast cash loan.

But for the love of god stop f****** asking me to borrow money. Educate yourself and get off your ass and go f****** get it.

Even after writing this yes, I’m still annoyed, rolling my eyes, irritated. It p***** me off how so many people don’t have their s*** together, you can give me any excuse in the book, but just because I have worked my ass off and managed my s*** don’t look at me unless you want me to teach you.

Seriously, especially to those of you who have been taught something or have had a budget done and you still choose to make bad financial choices, you p*** me off the most.

If I give a man a fish, he will want to come back for more fish rather than teach a man to fish to be self reliant.

FIN end of rant 🤬

Sep 18, 2019

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  • If you lend me $10,000, I will give you $11,000 in 6 months

  • Yes I agree , stop being a people pleaser , pack up leave town and go live a life on the road .
    Become a Hobo or Hermit and go on the road from L.A to New York City .

    I’m almost 40 years old now and I had to give up my dreams of living a life on the road 22 and a half years ago because my mom did not want me to leave , I stayed just for her and no one else and when she died 13 years ago , I should have saved up my money for my Journey Deep South to the United States.

    So take my advice , save up your money , go on the road and just go live a life on the road . And stop being a people pleaser , stop saying yes all the time , people don’t need your money all the time , it does not matter if they starve to death and their death is on your head , if they are over the age of 18 , they are not your responsibility, they will never be your responsibility.
    What they are doing is being badly Antisocial and They survive on being Miserable and they enjoy being miserable because they are the attention seekers , you should not pay any attention, you netter go to a employment office and tell them you want badly to leave town and you want their help to leave town .
    Get a job out of town
    if this does not work , go to social services and ask them for help for relocation to another , say that you don’t feel mentally / emotionally / Physically safe and you badly want to relocate to another town , get the police on your side when you go to social services .
    Just leave town and go start a new life in a new city , you got your whole life ahead of you , don’t make the same mistake I made in being a yes man and a people pleaser , go now before you get too old and say shoot I should have listened and ran away long time ago .

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