Impregnated by sons best friend

I must confess tgis now that I'm in my 80's. When my youngest son was in high school he was THE JOCK in school. Football basketball baseball. I knew all his friends...they all called me mom!! Well one Saturday I was at tgeical grocery store I came out to my car and it wouldn't start....of course this was before cell phones and such. One of his friends came by and asked if I neede help. I told him what was going on. He said get in...we will go to my parents place and call a mechanic..i smiled and said ok. We got to his parents house..they werent home so he called his mechanic will be a couple of hours before he can look at it. So we sat there and talked...he lit a cigarette and asked me if I wanted I took a drag off his. To make this short...i kissed him...and let his big black hands caress my body...tgrn he stood up in front of me and pulled his shorts down.....i damn near had a stroke When I saw his big black c***. Needless to say we had s** that day...unprotected of course..which I didn't care. Then the following Friday night I was invited to a party after the football game...which we won. I walked in on my guys arm...and who should be there...yep my son...but I didn't care...i was with this guy...who spoiled me and treated me like I was Queen!! 6 weeks later...i find out in pregnant with his husband leaves me....(Good riddance)!!! I give birth to a beautiful baby and my man we have more kids together!! Even after he went off to college...i would drive to see him on the weekends.....spend the week4nf together....damn I loved him....and his c*** too!!! Flash forward 20 are grown and in college we had t seen each other in that span of time. I raised the kids on the money he sent..
Which was more than enough for us to live on!! We run into each other at the store and start the relationship up again!! I'm 80...and still getting drilled by him!!! We have gotten married!!!

Sep 26, 2019

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  • BS. No woman in her 80s would be on the internet, let alone posting on a site like this. Especially with this grammatical style.

  • Be nice, you don't know about us old women.

  • Well I've had a 60+ older woman sexting/pic-exchange buddy... She was on the internet. Miss her a lot.

  • The young ppl think that when u are old u must sit n wait for death to come. U might be old in age. But still young at heart.

  • "U" can still be young at heart and not post bullshit stories. "Ppl" know the difference.

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