I love getting fatter, especially in my belly

It took me 19 years to figure this out, but I eventually realized I really enjoying eating until I feel full and about to burst, and getting fatter as a result of that because of my love for delicious food.

This began manifesting itself in my elementary years, where my eyes were always drawn towards the chubbier and fatter girls in class. I didn’t know why at the time, but it eventually progressed in my teenage years and I realized I was attracted to chubbier curvy and fat girls, who have soft and fat thighs, butts, bellies, **, arms, and faces... in other words girls who were soft, fat, and jiggly all over.

Around that time in my late teenage years, I also began wondering what it would be like if I was chubby or fat all over with a noticeable belly that sticks out. What would my body feel like, to have soft jiggly fat covering it, especially in a soft mound in my belly area? How would my life feel different being able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want? And boy did I find out. This began manifesting itself as binge eating from then on until about a year or two ago. Now I give into my desires of Delicious tasty, and fatty foods, eating poorly more frequently.

Overall my weight has increased through time, from the 180s in my senior year of high school, to an all time recent high of 256 pounds. My weight has recently tended to hover between 235 and 240 pounds, however, and I love all the fat I’ve grown on my body, especially in my belly which protrudes out nicely.

I love how soft my belly and body feel all over. I love the fact that I take up more space and have a rounder shape. I love that getting fatter makes me feel more manly. I love the heaviness I feel with my chubby body. I love the feeling of my belly jiggling around when I walk. I love how I can grab a hand of fat from my belly, squeeze it’s soft squishiness, and jiggle it around. I love how my belly sticks out into my lap a little bit when I sit. I love the three soft and squishy belly rolls that are fun to poke and squish. I love the noise slapping my belly makes. I love to slap my belly and watch a wave of fat ripple across my belly. I love how my belly hangs down more the fatter I get. I love how my thighs and ** have gotten thicker, rounder, softer, and more jiggly. I love my two muffin tops protruding out on my sides, making me wider. I used to hate my moobs, but have embraced and love them now. I love how my face is rounder and softer, and my double chin and small jouls are slowing making my neck disappear. I love being able to eat any foods I want, whenever I want.

I try to stay healthy too, and know quickly gaining a ton of weight isn’t good for you; I try to find a healthy balance. I’ve started the married life recently as well, and know and embrace the fact I will almost certainly get fatter as time goes on. I’ve got a wonderful curvy and voluptuous wife who completes me. I am a lucky guy.

To conclude this, the earliest and best memories I can remember for how all of this got started was fascinations with cartoon characters who got fat on TV. This led to me playing a game I made up with my sister called the fat game where I stuffed blankets and pillows in my clothes and laid in bed fat and helpless. I made my sister give me everything I needed. Sometimes she stuffed her clothes and made herself fat too. And like I said earlier, I was always drawn to and more fascinated by chubbier girls as a young kid. Nowadays, I appreciate all of the fat people I see and their unique shapes and sizes, and how their bodies jiggle.

There is my confession. Fat life rules!!

Next Confession

I just ** my Kindergarten Teacher

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  • I find it interesting that you think getting fatter makes you feel more "manly". Modern society generally views obese men as less manly because they are viewed as being too fat and physically unable to fill the traditional male role of the hunter/provider. They tend to be seen as more gender neutral or even feminine because they are viewed as being more physically dependent on others. Fat homosexual men are generally assumed to be subservient and usually occupy bottom position during **. I guess it doesn't help that the more obese a man becomes the smaller his ** appears to become. In some extreme cases, the fat guy's junk actually get swallowed up by his FUPA and starts to resemble the external appearance of a **.

  • Are you fat yourself? How does it make you feel? For me, it’s a mix. My wide belly makes me feel powerful. But my blooming chest makes me feel feminine.

  • Yes I fat, very fat..520Lbs. My huge double belly just makes me feel like pig and my big moobs make me feel feminine. But I kind of like playing with them as well. It's weird.

  • Man, what a great approach! How did the holidays treat you? Much as I am not gaining intentionally, I always waddle from the holidays a bit wider than I was beforehand.

  • I try my best! Lately however, I’ve been more about eating and sitting on my fat ** haha. I just love food so much and the pounds of fat I gain from eating food. The holidays treated me better than they ever have before! I adopted the attitude that if I wasn’t stuffed during my time off, I was doing Christmas break wrong lol. I ate so much delicious food and got my weight up from the low 250s to tie my heaviest weight ever at 265lbs. My belly is so big and fat, I love everything about it and more. I feel so heavy too from the weight I’ve gained, which is why I’ve enjoyed sitting more lately. I like feeling more massive.

  • Nice one man! My belly seems to be spreading not growing. I never had love handles before. Had to take a flight recently and I was spilling over the armrests. Love feeling too big to fit into places. You?

  • A spreading belly is always nice! I’m jealous that airplane seats are that small for you. I do love too big to fit into places, but at this point it’s just mostly when clothes get too small. I do love outgrowing clothes because I’m too fat though!

  • My husband keeps getting fatter as well, mostly in his belly. I don’t particularly like it but I can tell it totally turns him on. What is it with you guys?

  • I can’t explain it, other than I’ve always been fascinated/visually drawn to fat people since a very young age. I realized I was attracted to bigger women and I eventually was curious to find out what it was like to be fat myself. I gave it a try and I love it! I love the way my body is, that I can eat whatever I want, and I love being larger, it makes me feel more manly.

  • Same here. Started with my attraction to big **. Then really got into wide butts. Eventually, the attraction made its way to an appreciation for bellies and muffin tops. And now, I’ve beefed up myself and just love the feeling.

  • It's just the best feeling. Being big and soft and jiggly, especially when my wife plays with it is just amazing. I don't think she loves my gaining like I do, but she is supportive and is cool with me getting as huge as I want. I think it turns her on to see me so turned on. How fat is your husband and are you ok with him getting bigger?

  • You’re absolutely right, the softness and jiggliness of the belly is just amazing!

  • He’s got to be over 300 pounds. Lots of quarantine snacking and inactivity led to a pretty huge gain. I admit I like the cuddly part of him. He’s an excellent bed warmer! I just don’t want him being physically unable to do things.

  • I get that. I personally noticed a big change in how hard it is to do things going from 300 to 350. I'm really starting to feel it, but I love it. Has he put on any more or have you gotten him under control?

  • You drinking a lot of beer? IPAs are real gut busters. My belly is hanging well over my belt these days.

  • Absolutely!!

  • Better be careful! Women ,Ike that’ll fatten you up and leave you when their project is done!

  • Nah, mine won’t. ;)

  • Why do you say that? Is she behind your gain?

  • Because I’m doing it to myself, and I’m in an honest marriage with my wife. Its quite glorious :)

  • I am the same! Love laying on my back and making fat waves across my midsection. It feels amazing!

  • I love making fat waves on my belly period!

  • Me too. I’m also addicted to slapping my belly too. Anything that calls attention to that gut!

  • Does fat life still rule? Do you still feel manly as you grow? From you description, you sound more womanly

  • Man, it absolutely does!!! I now weigh 255lbs and I’m loving it!!! My belly has gotten bigger, heavier, softer, and rounder. There’s a lot more to jiggle now. I feel more manly now than I ever have, thank you for asking!! As I continue to grow fatter, heavier, and take up more space I just feel more manly with each pound gained. I can PROMISE you I’m not a woman…I’m not sure how you got that, but I do love writing about my fat gains, so maybe that’s why.

  • I guess it was just the description of your moobs and love handles. I’ve grown those parts too and it’s just taken away from my feeling of manliness. Though the belly makes up for it ha. Sounds like you have a smart approach. I’m the same way, and have recently ripped the scales at 300. I’ve gone up and down before. This is the first time I feel like I’m here to stay. It’s a helpless feeling as well as a huge turn on. Know what I mean?

  • Makes sense about my descriptions. Yeah man I totally get it!!! Growing fatter just makes me want more fat, and the feeling becomes intense! I’m so jealous of your belly! It must be huge man! I mean 300lbs is my goal, so it’s cool that you’re already there. Do you feel really heavy, especially when moving?

  • Yeah it’s addicting. I’m pretty tall so the belly isn’t too massive. But I’m way beyond being able to ** it in. That feels kinda freeing too in a way. No hiding that tanker - if someone wants to give it a pat or stare, it’s all there. I’m feeling heavy for sure but also tired. Working from home still, so I’ll grab a snack and take a nap and wake up feeling even more bloated than the day before. Oh man, all this talk about fattening up is making me hungry again!

  • Man, my belly is like that too. I’m finally fat enough to where I can’t ** it in either!! I love that I can’t hide my big belly anymore and it feels so good to let it hang and protrude outward. I’m jealous of your working from home situation; it must make it really easy to gain more weight. That is my favorite thing though, eating a lot, falling asleep, and waking up huge the next morning. I just wish the rest of the world was like us!

  • Know the feeling!

  • It seems like fat is becoming the norm for sure. As for working at home, it definitely makes it easier to balloon up. I don’t even notice how much I’ve gained until I have to get dressed up for a meeting and realize I need to size up. My wife is really appreciative of the gains as well. I wish she were willing to join me, but I guess more nachos for me. Sounds like your wife is supportive too?

  • That's awesome man! It's nice when it's so easy to balloon up like that! That's awesome that you have a supportive wife for your gains too. Does she like particular things about your flabbier, bigger body? My wife is definitely supportive as well! She knows my body goals and still loves me and my body all the same. I love it when she puts her hands on my fat belly.

  • She is crazy about my moobs, especially during **.since I blimped up over the last year, she’s started to grab my belly a lot as well. Recently, I’ve also noticed she grabs my fat jowls on the side of my face too. In other words, whatever seems to be getting the fattest, she’s pawing at.

  • Dude, I love that I’ve been slowly forming jowls as well! My favorite thing is just feeling how heavy my body is, and the stress it puts on furniture. One day I’d love to break furniture!

  • Yeah heavy and lazy. It’s a vicious cycle that’ll only make us grow more. I’ve broken a couple chairs and a bed. It was embarrassing in the moment, but afterwards it’s been such a turn on to think about it. I wish I would’ve owned the moment more but instead it was awkward and silent as people just stared and didn’t say anything.

  • I'm going to be to the point where I force my fat rear end into a chair with arms and it breaks. Then the entire chair collapses and I roll around on my massive gut and back fat.

  • Correction, I weigh 265lbs!

  • My wife has been feeding me for years and she’s turned me into a real hog. I’m over 400lbs and loving it. She always asks me if i want more and i can’t say no.

  • I just retired and I'm letting myself go. I'm currently at 250 up from 210/220. I'd like to get to 350 over coming year. I'm only 5'8" so I'll be a real tub of lard at 350. What weight did you start gaining at to hit 400?

  • That is amazing man!!! I hope to get to 300lbs one day and see how that feels. I’m sure you feel large and in charge!! It’s nice eating all that delicious food as well!

  • I played similar games with my sister growing up but we would blow up balloons and stick them under our clothes and pretend we were fat.

  • I used to play this with friends too! Did you end up being fat? I did.

  • Yeah man, not as fat as I'd like to be yet, but I definitely have a fat belly!

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