I love getting fatter, especially in my belly

It took me 19 years to figure this out, but I eventually realized I really enjoying eating until I feel full and about to burst, and getting fatter as a result of that because of my love for delicious food.

This began manifesting itself in my elementary years, where my eyes were always drawn towards the chubbier and fatter girls in class. I didn’t know why at the time, but it eventually progressed in my teenage years and I realized I was attracted to chubbier curvy and fat girls, who have soft and fat thighs, butts, bellies, b****, arms, and faces... in other words girls who were soft, fat, and jiggly all over.

Around that time in my late teenage years, I also began wondering what it would be like if I was chubby or fat all over with a noticeable belly that sticks out. What would my body feel like, to have soft jiggly fat covering it, especially in a soft mound in my belly area? How would my life feel different being able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want? And boy did I find out. This began manifesting itself as binge eating from then on until about a year or two ago. Now I give into my desires of Delicious tasty, and fatty foods, eating poorly more frequently.

Overall my weight has increased through time, from the 180s in my senior year of high school, to an all time recent high of 256 pounds. My weight has recently tended to hover between 235 and 240 pounds, however, and I love all the fat I’ve grown on my body, especially in my belly which protrudes out nicely.

I love how soft my belly and body feel all over. I love the fact that I take up more space and have a rounder shape. I love that getting fatter makes me feel more manly. I love the heaviness I feel with my chubby body. I love the feeling of my belly jiggling around when I walk. I love how I can grab a hand of fat from my belly, squeeze it’s soft squishiness, and jiggle it around. I love how my belly sticks out into my lap a little bit when I sit. I love the three soft and squishy belly rolls that are fun to poke and squish. I love the noise slapping my belly makes. I love to slap my belly and watch a wave of fat ripple across my belly. I love how my belly hangs down more the fatter I get. I love how my thighs and butt have gotten thicker, rounder, softer, and more jiggly. I love my two muffin tops protruding out on my sides, making me wider. I used to hate my moobs, but have embraced and love them now. I love how my face is rounder and softer, and my double chin and small jouls are slowing making my neck disappear. I love being able to eat any foods I want, whenever I want.

I try to stay healthy too, and know quickly gaining a ton of weight isn’t good for you; I try to find a healthy balance. I’ve started the married life recently as well, and know and embrace the fact I will almost certainly get fatter as time goes on. I’ve got a wonderful curvy and voluptuous wife who completes me. I am a lucky guy.

To conclude this, the earliest and best memories I can remember for how all of this got started was fascinations with cartoon characters who got fat on TV. This led to me playing a game I made up with my sister called the fat game where I stuffed blankets and pillows in my clothes and laid in bed fat and helpless. I made my sister give me everything I needed. Sometimes she stuffed her clothes and made herself fat too. And like I said earlier, I was always drawn to and more fascinated by chubbier girls as a young kid. Nowadays, I appreciate all of the fat people I see and their unique shapes and sizes, and how their bodies jiggle.

There is my confession. Fat life rules!!

Sep 5, 2020

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  • My wife has been feeding me for years and she’s turned me into a real hog. I’m over 400lbs and loving it. She always asks me if i want more and i can’t say no.

  • I played similar games with my sister growing up but we would blow up balloons and stick them under our clothes and pretend we were fat.

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