Belly fetish

Im 19, boy, straight lives in delhi, any girl with a slim belly want to get punched, or want to punch me in the belly, h****** navel can contact. loves when a girl punches deep in the belly and i can punch very sensually and deep which will turn you on. so any girl with slim belly who want to punch or get punched reply to this comment.....

Sep 27, 2019

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  • Fat aunty

  • I have the same fetish.. Im a guy. I love to punch girl's soft concave stomach. I feel very excited when my fist crushing deep into girl's soft stomach especially when she sucks in her belly and relaxes completely. Feels very soft and that turns me on. I have an experience of solar plexus punch to a girl. She was laying down on the bed, arms up, supporting her back with a pillow, so her ribs were exposed, stomach was relaxed , concave and very soft. I gave a very deep punch into her solar plexus. Her stomach was 100% relaxed so my fist almost touched her spine, but she wasn't resisting at all. Well that made me absolutely crazy. Her waist was only 23inch and her weak and soft concave stomach took all that deep punch until she passes out. Can't get rid of that memory..

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