My aunt is 55 years old and is a beautiful. She is a nurse professor and is very fit and tanned. As a teenager I use to fantasize about her and m*********.
Her husband no longer gives her s** so she often confides in me. During my divorce we became extremely close and I eventually confessed via text about my childhood fetish that involved Wild s** with her. She texted back and told me that she had also thought about me sexually since I was 18 and we sexted each other about what we would do to each other. I told her how I wanted to lick her shaved p**** in the shower and slide my c*** inside of her s** starved p****. She told me that she wanted to straddle me and just feel my c*** in her as she sat still. She sent me a picture of her sexy b**** and her tanned body. I wish I would have f***** her before I got remarried.

Oct 3, 2019

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  • Fake and stupid all the really incest stories are not on here, those people don’t tell people because they are too busy doing it rather the writing fantanties here

  • These stories are real

  • I’ve seen 3 of my mom’s sisters naked. When I was growing up I thought they were all strict prudes. It was only after I got older and started sexting them that I discovered that they were divorced, s** starved s****. I’ve seen their p****** and b**** several times.

  • I saw my MIL in the shower. I was staying at her house for the weekend and I walked in while she was showering. She later teased me and asked me if I fantasized about her. She isn’t really attractive but a p**** is a p****.

  • My mil is very good looking and in her early 40s. I have tried spying on her several times never thinking that I would ever see her naked. I once spied on her while she was in the tube bathing. Her home was an older house with old key holes. Can you remember ever using a key to lock a bathroom door? Anyway I got to see her breast as she set in the tube and was amazed how much her daughters b****** looked so much like her mother’s. Then from then on every time I played with my wife’s b******, I pretended they were her mother’s. Still trying to get the total view of MIL but I do have my fantasies.

  • I told my aunt-my mom’s sister that she had a nice ass. She texted me and asked where I was at, I told her I was in the bathroom. 2 minutes later she opened the bathroom door and pulled down her sweat pants and her panties as she wiggled her butt and rubbed her c***. She said, Do you wanna stick it in my p****? This is a true story.

  • I would have ducked her how old was you.

  • I was 32 years old at the time, do I had fantasized about her for 16 years at that time. She is a major turn on.

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