That I have not been living my life as a Christian man should. I have been l****** like crazy, i dip all the time, and i haven't been getting in God's Word like I should be. When i was 12 i molested my 8 year old cousin. he is now 12 and i am 16. since then i have become a Christian and my life has been changed. I am a believer in the one true God and what His son has done for humanity. I am now free from all my sin.

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  • your cop out of finding god is amusing. you are a worthless molester who will say he's changed & found god. bullshit. you will do it again as soon as you get the opportunity. you deserve to die. i wish i could get a license to hunt people like you so i could shoot you & mount your head on my wall. do yourself & the world a favor & just kill yourself now you pathetic piece of s***. die a thousand painful deaths you disgusting m***********.

  • being any kind of religious zealot doesn't forgive what you have done, religion is not a cureall. if you want true forgiviness you need to seek it from your cousin.

  • i agree.

  • lol troll

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