I went to rainbows it a clothing store just for women and I bought 6 skirts and 6 tops pantys and pantyhose I come home and took a shower and got dress and went out side on my part of the porch at my apartment and my neighbor came out and she said wow love your skirt where u get it and I told her and she ask me to go with her so she look I said ok so I got my purse and we took off and went to rainbows and on the way she ask if we could hold hands and look together as a couple I was shock and I said yes she is 55 years old about 5/8 about 130 and a redhead I love redheads so we get walk in holding hands and start looking and she tried on some skirts and a couple dresses and we left the dressing room and back out to look some more and then out of the blue she kiss me wright there in the middle of the store and told she has wanted to do that for a long time so I kiss her back a after I kiss her she had a big smile on her beautiful face she bought some skirts and a dress so we get back to the apartment complex we get out of the car and I come front of the car she grabs me and kisses me so I kiss her back only a long a nd sexy kiss next thing I know we in her bedroom having s** it was so great I loved it after words we sat out side together and had a glass of wine and we didn't care who saw us so a crossdresser and a straight women got together it was a great day

Apr 24, 2019

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