Hi everyone my name is Cassie I am from Lakeland fl. I am a girly girl crossdresser I am a full figure girl and I love it and my boyfriends love it to yes I have two boyfriends and they know about each other it's so great being a fuller figure girl I love when my guys say I am sexy and pretty I love the s** with guys and they have told me they love it to not very long both about 7 to 7.5 inches but very very very thick just love them both they take me shopping and dinner and dancing they go clubs with me we have a go time on our dates I love that they are ok with the way our relationships are i love having two boyfriends it so great to get twice as much love and affection I love who I am and love how my life is going love you all Cassie

Nov 26, 2019

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  • Well, you are a shy one Cassie!!!! Please give me a post.
    Signed Jasmine

  • Hello Cassie darling, firstly I love your name. I have often watched your posts with interest. I am a very girly tranny, blessed with a good size p****, slim, fit and 39 years old, with long legs 32" inside leg and lovely 38B b******. I have always tried to look feminine (not drag!!), love wearing expensive silky lingerie, stockings and suspenders with swishy dresses and skirts.
    I have always taken great care of my complexion, using good make-up and avoiding the sun and things like that.
    I also have regular boyfriends, all married and live locally to me which is very convenient!! All three of them are older than me (in their 60's) and I like that as they have "staying power" when we make love.
    Luckily public attitudes have largely changed in UK and although my boyfriends can't take me on dates, I can now go out in public with confidence on my own or with friends who fully accept what and who I am. I also have a job in fashion media where I can be dressed as I prefer.
    Cassie, please tell me a little more about yourself.
    Signed Jasmine.

  • I just suck my neighbor on the stairs out side my door lots of c** to

  • You naughty girl, but I love it.
    My elderly neighbour Jack, gets no s** from Edith his wife and one day he chatted me up in the lift to our apartments. He said he knew I was a tranny and had always fancied me ever since I moved into the block. I invited him around for a coffee.
    Well, I never expected a man of that age to be so sexual. We have been making love for some time now, he just loves my stockings and suspenders, he says it reminds him of when he was growing up.
    In my bedroom, he likes to get undressed himself, then remove my skirt and blouse and have me walking around in my slip and undies with my heels on. Then we lay on the bed for "the main event" and wow! he is good at it, takes his time, knows what turns me on, teases me, tickles me, with lots of kisses and caressing until I'm almost screaming for him. He always wants me to keep my undies on when he takes me, he says he likes to feel the silkiness.
    Dear Jack, I know I can satisfy him and I love that feeling.
    Signed Jasmine

  • I get wet reading your reply

  • Darling MPS, Jack spent yesterday afternoon at my place when Edith went to her sisters. When he popped round in the morning to tell me he wanted to visit I was still in my pink nylon negligee and silky French silk knickers, I opened the door and that was it, Jack pushed his way in and had me up against the wall in seconds, kicking the door shut and undoing the belt on his trousers. His pants came off next rather clumsily and I felt his erection pushing up under my nightie, then he spun me around, pulled my knickers over and had me there and then. He was so big it hurt , but he was kissing my neck and saying he was sorry but he just had to have me as he was so in love with me. I felt his thrusts slow and his erection swell as he finished and we just stood there against the wall with Jack inside me panting.
    He carefully withdrew, my knickers felt so wet, I turned put my arms around him and kissed him and told him to come round in the afternoon at any time but not to have me so quickly, I wanted loving, kissing and caressing first. Jack told me to wear stockings and suspenders and another pair of French knickers. I told him he would love my sexy choice. kissed him, he pulled his pants and trousers up and he left.
    Signed Jasmine

  • So sexy love that I had Chad out side on stairs sucking his c*** and got busted by his wife but she wasn't that upset about she rub my ass and put her fingers in my ass it felt so good i sucked him harder he cummed and I cummed so both came and she said I want to fist f*** you I got my lube and she put her hand in my ass and fist f***** me her husband f*** her in her ass it was great I had a sore was when they left but it was great s** all around I am going to there place next weekend to get f***** by both of them live being a sissy crossdresser to all my girlfriends f*** and suck on live you all Cassie

  • Ooooh! Cassie you naughty girl, I am sure you enjoyed that session, well, let me tell you about my afternoon with dear old Jack.
    I would have thought that his explosion in the morning would have satisfied him for the day, but I was mistaken. When he came round he was wearing a track suit and he was out of it in seconds, standing there naked in front of me with an enormous erection. I took his hand and led him into my bedroom.
    I had decided to wear my very floaty nylon pink baby-doll nighty and matching robe with silk French knickers suspenders and stockings. It obviously turned him on because within seconds he was kissing, caressing and feeling me all over. I loved it. I could feel his erection pushing against me, I took hold of it, it felt so hot and hard with such a soft texture.
    I pushed him onto the bed and gently placed his erection in my mouth, it made my jaw ache it was so big. I kissed and licked its head, tasted some "love juice leaking from it, it tasted so sweet and salty.
    I moved up alongside him, we kissed, I felt his hand reach down to my own erection gently caressing it. We were so aroused, rolling about on the duvet, tickling, pushing, kissing, caressing each other with our erections intertwined.
    After what seemed like an age Jack said "I want you Jasmine" and I rolled over onto my tummy.
    This time Jack smoothed some gel onto my a***, I could feel him parting my knickers, his fingers trembling and the hot tip of his erection probing and then he was inside me, thrusting, pulling my hips up in time with the thrusts, whispering sweet loving things into my ear, kissing my neck and dribbling down it.
    Jack is a "stayer", he pounded me for at least forty minutes, sometimes quick and sometimes slow, he was lovely and I felt the woman I always wanted to be,
    Signed Jasmine

  • That so sexy baby

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