So strange

When I look back I never would have imagined this would be my thing. I did a lot of stuff but never would have guessed.
When I was 13 I gave my first handie to a guy at camp, Let him suck on my nip since I had no b**** at the time he just sucked on my nip and I whacked him off, 14 I went back to camp and blew one of the male councellors behind the canteen, 14 I whacked off my male cousin, 15 watched my older cousin get nailed by her boyfriend every night for a week then ruined our relationship when I was left alone with him and let him finger me and we got caught, 16 I had my first boyfriend and 3 days after dating we did it and pretty much every day after for 6 months till we broke up on my 17th birthday.
17, Oh what a year, Hooked up with an old family friend 25 years older than me, Held my best friends hair while her boyfriend kissed me and nailed her, Sucked off her boyfriend in the bathroom at a party while she watched, Had my salad tossed for the first time, Let my best friend stick her finger in my vag and feel around (so awkward). 18, Let a random guy from the bar finger my bum while doing me doggy, Took my first facial, Almost hooked up with 2 guys, One nailed me and the other weirdly rubbed his c*** around on my face before blowing his load.
19, Went to college and slept with 13 guys, Did mutual masturbat!on with my room mate a dozen times while she played with my bo0bs, Got within an inch of going down on her before chickening out. 20, She didn't chicken out, We had gotten an apartment off campus and after the bar one night she went down on me, I didn't even remember and still don't remember any details of that night and slept with a dozen or so guys. 21, Met my husband, Had s** constantly, Let his brother j*** while watching us 2 times then my husband watched him toss my salad bent over the edge of the bed and come on my feet and legs once and I blew him once. 22, had a full on relationship with my husband and one of his friends, We all lived together and they both nailed me at random both fully knowing about each other until his friend got a girlfriend.
23, Got married, watched my husband nail my maid of honour in our hotel room and then me right after and all slept together, Did it again in the morning, Honeymoon had s** in front of a total stranger (Female) who caught us on the beach and sat next to me watching until my husband pulled out and shot his load in her lap and she freaked, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 had and raised our kids and had no unusual sexual activity, We had moved to a new city 14 hours from our old home and my husband moved up the ladder fast at work.
40, Went to vegas with some friends and my 36 year old friend gave my husband head while I watched and her husband was passed out in his room, She still feels terrible about doing it but we agreed never to speak of it again. 41 my husband and I went on a trip and while at a club a young girl came up and started flirting with me, I had never "Been with" a girl but she was all over me, She was around mid 20's, Short, Cute, Pink hair and big b****, It took me a bit but I decided to go for it and we took her home, My husband was totally happy to sit and watch as we undressed each other and made out then she asked me to sit on her face.
Yeah so I did and my husband watched, I collapsed in a heap on the floor and he nailed her while I caught my breath and then I couldn't keep my hands off her, I spent most of the night sitting on her face and when I wasn't then I was ears deep between her thighs, Oh my goodness what a revelation, We came home and within days I had invited my best friend from college who is still my bestie over, She is divorced and has always had a bit of a wild streak, We got drunk and although it took a bit of convincing I got her into bed with us, It has been a year and since our youngest mooved out she moved in and we are just full on, Just banging all the time, Me and her when he is away, Me and her and him when he is home, Him and her when I am away and me and him when she is away.
Nothing is off limits and we are all loving it, Me and her will go full on, Like both go down and both love it, Both of us love to bang my husband and are contemplating moving somewhere that poligamy is legal.

Oct 10, 2019

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  • A lot of things a person do to his younger cousins. My cousin aged in his late teens visited our place and he had to share my bed as we had a small house. I was hardly 10 yo. At night I suddenly woke up feeling he is trying to push his d*** into my a***. Failing he e*********, my pj at that spot was soaked with his sticky c**. Next morning we did not talk about it at all. But I learnt a new lesson in s** that applied later in my life!!

  • Are you a girl

  • * * * yawn * * *

  • Don't worry about the comments, Some people are just losers, It's not like if we had a chance to go back that we would do it the same.
    When I was 14 my 17 year old cousin started bringing her guy friends around when she would baby sit me, By the time I was 17 I had been with 38 guys and I kept track in my journal, out of a possible 126 weekends I had s** on 87 of them and had s** 133 times, 26 times with two guys, 38 times with 3 guys and 7 times with 4 or more that I won't get into but basically her friends passed me around for years while her and her various boyfriends would sneak off to have s**.
    There were 5 different guys she dated and 5 different groups of friends, as soon as one would find out he could f*** me they would all flock like rabid dogs and trust me, None of them were nice to me. I am married with three wonderful children now and thank god we moved far away from my home town.

  • That's f*****. This sort of degeneracy renders you no more a girl in my mind than a beast in the jungle. A girl loses her morality, attractiveness and overall tinge which makes a female special

  • LoL

  • If I was your cousini would have brought boys round long before you were 15, I did my cousin the first time when she was 8 I was 16

  • WOW! what a s** life you have gone through and you did enjoy all of them. Wish I could meet you with my lab dog. He is a good f*** and been f****** for more than 10 yrs now. I am in my 40s and enjoy dog s** almost regularly. You must go for it!!

  • Do you still get on here?

  • Lol this is what I'm talking about

  • Wow.

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