Party House.

When my late wife and I first dabbled in No-Strings six with men from a dating site, she was cautious and rejected many candidates. Over time, she became more confident and less particular.
We went to a Party House where Swingers can hook up. She saw a husky, single man she had once rejected. She said she was sorry and wanted to make it up to him. So she approached him and invited him "upstairs", meaning for six in a bed.
He was not in a good mood to see her again and demurred. But she persisted until he grudgingly took her to a bed. While I watched, they undressed and my wife lay supine with her legs spread for him. He got on and without any foreplay, pushed his large tool in to the hilt. My wife winced in pain until he was all the way in and wet. I was worried, but glad when she relaxed.
But then the guy seemed angry at being rejected and took his revenge by ramming her as hard and fast as he could. My wife was pushed hard against the wall and she had to brace herself. I wanted to step in and stop him, but she hadn't used her Safe Word, so I bit my tongue.
Fortunately it didn't last long. He shot his load, pulled out and left without even a Thank You Ma'am. My wife said, she was OK and deserved it.
We attended that Party House several more times but never saw him again.

Oct 11, 2019

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