Parking Space Revenge

I had my indicator on and was slowly reversing into a parking space, when some fat w***** in his late 40’s come speeding up behind me and drove straight into the space I was about to go into. So I drove off to find another parking space and walked past his car and now he has two deep scratches in his paint work. That may have saved you time and money being a c***! but those marks are going to cost you hahahahaha

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  • Coward ass way to handle a grudge. I’d rather kick your ass than the guy that took the space you thought belonged to you. The space that is not reserved for you.

  • Eat s*** and die, fucktard. You're probably one of those douches with a huge truck or a newer sports car and think that makes you king of the road.

    Let me know if these words are too big for you to understand: When someone is lining up to take a parking space and some other person zips in, that's a d*** move on the second person's part. Also, being reckless like that means they didn't care about the first person's car or anyone else's in the vicinity.

    A couple of scratches for being a pushy sociopath is getting off light. If the idea makes you swoon and clutch your pearls, congratulations! You're learning you're not the only person in the world.

    Don't threaten to kick a**** when you have no idea who you are dealing with.

  • Why are you going to go postal on us. You didn't have the guts to confront him just key his car behind him so you are a coward. Who I would have no problem confronting if you where the one who took my spot. For I have done that and worst to happen is the police have came. Never been arrested.

  • Never been caught, you mean.
    You clearly don't have a very good handle on how the world actually works. Have you sustained a head injury?

  • Good lad👍

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