My wife Ray Jean

well I confess that I feel guilty about how I got my wife to let another man f*** her but I am happy the way it turned out.
Our children are on their own now and Ray Jean and I have an empty nest so to speak and at first we went a little nuts with the kids gone and we were alone and we had s** all over the house and we couldn't keep our hands off one another until I started to hint that I wanted to watch her with another man and she balked at that and when I pressed it we started to argue and we spent a lot of time avoiding each other.
I remembered that she had told me once that she had s** with a married guy because she felt that she owed him for bailing her younger brother out of jail he was a friend of the family and it had cost him over $150 bucks and she had promised to pay him back but then she lost her part time job so she agreed to let him f*** her three times and he agreed to do it.
I had a brainstorm then Ray Jean was a mid life child and her father was 74 years old in in bad health when we first married and her Mother had passed away a short time before her and I married so we moved him in with us and he had a stroke and was bound to a wheel chair I liked Mike and he and I had become good friends when Ray Jean and were dating and I really didn't mind taking him out on weekends shopping and to Marine World from time to time so I cant say that it was a real hardship on my part but I used that excuse telling her that she owed me for the three years I had pushed him around taking him on the ferry to San Francisco to China town and all and I felt ashamed of myself .

Ray was very mad at me doing this but she said she would do it since I put it that way.
I felt really guilty but I had been thinking about this for a long time and I look advantage of this opportunity and she only gave me a dirty look and called me a b****** .
Ray is no longer the tight bodied young thing I married but she is only about 10 pounds overweight and still a good looking woman.
She was sitting on the couch doing a cross word puzzle when we came in and her and Glenn had never been the best of friends but they got along alright.
Ray must have guessed my intention when I brought Glenn in and she looked from him to me.
He was a little nervous to so she said we need to talk and I went into the kitchen and she asked is this what I think it is with a grim look at me and I cleared my throat unable to answer her and she asked dose he know about it?? and I nodded my head again she said b****** then she said OK but don't expect me to respond to him and I croaked out He understands.
Ray Jean was wearing a long peasant skirt with a blouse and she has large b****** but they have lost their elasticity and like I said she is still a very good looking woman for her age.
She was silent as I took her back in and Glen stood there with an uncertain look glancing from her to me until I nodded my head as I sat Ray Jean back on the couch .
She ignored us as I raised her skirt not fighting but not helping either as I had to struggle to get her panty's off and she sat there aloof staring at the ceiling her skirt was around her knees and Glen seamed not sure of what he was supposed to do so I said she likes for me to go down on her and again Ray let him push her legs apart and push her skirt up on her belly her hands on the couch trying her best to pretend this wasn't happening and I felt like a heel making her do this but I wanted so bad to see him f*** her.
Glenn had to pull her p**** to the edge of the couch and I was filming this with my cell phone as he pushed her legs farther apart and her p**** lips opened for him Ray Jean absently scratched the back of her hand then laid both hands on the couch beside her and she her body jerked when his hot breath hit her p**** hair and she had a sharp intake of breath and her body jerked again when his tongue licked her open p****.
Glenn must have liked her taste because he began to lick her and she gasped sharply and her body jerked again and although Ray Jean tried to ignore it her fingers clenched into fists and a soft gasp escaped from her
and she began to breath harder Glenn was licking her in long strokes and her body jerked in spastic response to him she was still staring at the ceiling but her body betrayed her and began to respond then her hands laid on the top of his head and she forced his mouth against her swollen p**** lips she was still fighting inwardly though and it took a long time but her soft grunts and her body gave her away then she went rigid lifting her ass off the couch and inhaled sharply and her body shuddered and Glenn said I think she came with her fluids on his face and mouth and I was sure of it Ray Jean was gulping in huge breaths of air now her eyes still closed as Glenn stood and dropped his pants to the floor he has a c*** not large about 6 1/2 inches and he moved back between her legs and I said let me get a picture of it going into my wife and all I could see in the camera was his hand holding his c*** head just inside if her p**** lips and her p**** looked red and ready so I said OK do it and his c*** head slipped into her and he sat there looking up at me and I said OK f*** her and he began to f*** now with a purpose
He lasted about 5 minutes then he came and I filmed his slimy sock as it slipped out of her still semi hard and then he used the bathroom as I filmed his c** inside of her p**** lips as I fingered her p**** to get more or it on film.
Glen came out as I kneeled in front of her with my c*** now in her and he watched for awhile then left.
Later I showed Ray Jean the film as I put on the hard drive and when it was a close up of his c*** slipping into her she said I am fat and I want to loose some weight before we do that again but she didn't seam to be mad now.
Thinking back I believe that she had always been afraid that guys wouldn't f*** her if she was overweight because she now goes to the Gym three times a week and she is starting to look a lot better.

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  • You should always lick her clean right after the guys c** in her

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