A true story about race...

I posted this on another site too, but it's worth repeating:

This weekend I was asked to help judge the Metro History Fair in Chicago. Basically these are the top three or four history fair projects from each school (grades 6-8), as chosen by the teachers. That adds up to hundreds of entries throughout the city.

Not one – not a single one of these projects said anything positive about white males. You would think that there had never been any white males in this city, other than those who played the role of antagonist to the minorities/gays/women/handicapped/non-Christian people that got all of the attention in the fair.

I looked around and, despite the fact that the majority of Chicago Public School students are minorities, the majority of the students who made it to this level were white. What does that tell me? That even if a school had only three white kids, those were the kids whose projects were good enough to move on to the next level.

And what did those students do their projects on? Their own culture? No. They were smart enough to know what the teachers were looking for – something about how unfair whites were to a certain group, and how that group overcame that unfairness.

If you are a young white male in this city, the message is clear: Your culture is worthless. You should be ashamed. People like you have never done anything but keep other people down. Now just become gay, and maybe we will like you a little. But please make sure your parents keep paying taxes because they are 15-percent of the population, but 70-percent of the tax base in this city.

Apr 5, 2014

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  • This is why I only lean left and don't identify as liberal. (Well, one reason.) SJWs fvcking disgust me. I get that other groups are feeling a bit vindictive; if and when you encounter a sexist or racist or whatever-ist, let the douchebag have it with both barrels (literally if there aren't any witnesses)! But to demean an entire group based solely on skin color or gender... uhhh, isn't that PRECISELY what you're crying about?

    ANYbody saying "Hey, look at that ____-skinned muthafukka. Let's get him!" is not worthy of breathing decent people's air. That includes those who would put the word "white" in that blank spot.

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • I believe it.

  • Amen. Well said. 'Bout damn time.

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