P*RN f*tish videos always get my f*tish wrong

My fantasy is humiliation. When you have a video of the typical "mean girl" ("You're below me, I own you, your existence p***** me off--" blah blah blah), it's like-- SO??

If I'm already below you, and all THAT does is "annoy" you-- WHERE'S THE HUMILIATION IN THAT?!

Not to mention it's (usually) some forty or older gas bag hag that has a face like a speeding truck ran over a bowl of oatmeal!!

My general fantasy is as follows:

Cute, sweet, delicate young girl acts like a smug, bratty little kitten-- and effortlessly puts the "big dumb man" in his place before rubbing it in-- giggling and cackling at how easy it was, and how funny it is to watch me squirm, how I couldn't frighten a dustbunny, ECT.

THAT is humiliation. To have power, then have it effortlessly taken by someone smaller and weaker, and have them fully aware and loving it.

I CAN'T be the only one with this fantasy-- but one would THINK I were, given the type of s*** that gets made.

Another fetish of mine is denim, and there ARE a rare few videos out there that feature it-- but when it isn't just incidental and not focussed on-- it's obviously sexed up fetish wear worn by someone very obviously ATTEMPTING to look and act slutty.

The girl in my fantasy would just be wearing her normal clothes, know that she doesn't have to do much more THAN wear them to drive me insane-- and would think it was hilarious and mock me for it-- maybe while bending and twisting just SLIGHTLY more than she needs to.

Perfect example; she's either wearing tight jeans or something short-- and the bottom of her shirt covers most of the goods.

She knows I wanna see under there, but I can't MAKE her show me-- so she Very slowly lifts the edge of her shirt between two delicate fingers, maybe for extra points she mocks my tortured excitement in a "dumb" voice (Ohh! OHHH! Here it comes!) Then just when it's RIGHT THERE-- she drops it. "Hehehehehehehe! Oops, clumsy me! Hehehehehe! Maybe I'll try again later..." (Exaggerated "thinking" expression)

I would then beg and make offers while she giggled and refused. I would threaten to make her, only to be smugly informed that I don't scare her, and now she might NEVER do it-- and she was considering actually giving me a slight peek next time.

THAT is humiliation, and nobody actually gets it right, and it kinda p***** me off.

Oct 31, 2019

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  • Thats pretty niche stuff,so why dont u quit whining and make your own pr0n

  • Because who the f*** jacks off to THEMSELVES, you MENSA candidate...?

  • Yes im dominat and like to amke girls submissive.i hate when girls say theirs subs or submissive looking for a dom..like no b****.... submissive is when i make you do what you dot want to..if ur telling me to be dominat ..than wtf am i than....if u like to be slappped i wanna punch you..if your a prude and thinnk bjs are gross then im a satisfied dom making you ssuck it but if you tell me to slap you and f*** your throat im gonna choke you out and ull wake up to me p***** in ur mouth...you stfu ur a toy...the more u actlike one the more pleasure i grant you...

  • I'm a man, put your girlfriend on or mom now!! I'm going to f*** her and humiliate you now!!

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