Buddies wife

This past summer we went on a camping trip with a bunch of other couples, Everyone put thier kids to bed and we were all drinking way too much, I passed out in a hammock and woke up at stupid o'clock needing a p***, I stumbled off into the bushes and did the deed and when I returned I noticed a friend of mine standing in front of a lawn chair, I looked at him wondering what he was doing and why my eyes wouldn't focus.
I stood there for who knows how long before decided to go over there, It was dark and the fire was burned down to just embers but as I got closer I could see that there was someone in the chair and he was standing, Straddling the chair and they didn't even notice me as I walked up until I was like 4 feet away and then he looked up, Stopped, Looked at me and then smiled and nodded, I leaned over looking down and his wife was sitting in the chair, Hand on his hips and he was face f****** her. He looked at me and pointed down at her, She was obviously trashed and he had convinced her this was a good idea, His wife is not the one of our friends who attracts too much attention but she is a very nice woman, A little thick, Always wears a one piece bathing suit with shorts and usually a t-shirt or tank top over top but has great big b**** and quite often has pokies which she tries to hide but they are quite prominent and if she is swimming or whatever and doesn't have a shirt on they really stand out.
So I lean over and look and she has her one piece down around her waist and her great big b**** are hanging out, He is smiling and pumping his fist in the air and I give him a thumbs up, he reaches down and starts playing with her big jugs and then motions for me to cop a feel so in my drunken stuper I decided this was a good idea and reach over her shoulder, Grab a handful of one of her great big b**** and pinch her nip, Her nips are huge, Like a...I don't even know how to describe them but they are thick and long and almost square, Like the top of them is flat like a pencil eraser but twice as thick I guess, so long story short I'm reaching over her shoulder playing with her b*** and nip and he is face f****** her.
Obviously I get h**** and whip out my d***, I am standing behind her jerking and he grabs her by the hair, Pulls her head back and I am like (Whoa, WTF) but thankfully she had her eyes closed, She puts her hands up under her chin to block the splash and he is right up close to her chest and blows his load, She goes to lift her head and he whispers "Hold on, One more" and I stand up and do the same from beside her. He holds her head back and I quickly finish and step back, He lifts her head and she is looking down at her b**** and shakes her head, She is slurring her words and mutters "Hooolllyyy s***, Been saving up".
He steps back and I step into the shadows, She gets up, Almost falls out of her chair than stumbles off to the camper to clean up, We laugh and giggle and I am like "dude, You can't ever say a word, My wife will murder me", He looked disappointed and says "Ok, Whatever". I stumble off to my camper and crawl into bed with my wife, I slide my hand up her top and cup one of her saggy little b**** and pass out. Next morning since I am always an early riser I was the first one up and started the fire, Had coffee brewing and was sitting back in my chair, We had two camp sites each with three of the campers in a semi circle, After about half an hour I hear movement in the camper belonging to the other couple on our site and then the door opens and out steps the wife of the couple.
She steps out, Stops, Looks at me and kind of scowls then walks to their outdoor kitchen, Grabs a coffee cup and comes over, Pours a coffee and sits down staring at me not saying a word, I start laughing and said "What?", She clears her throat and looks around then leans in and says "Busted" and sits back, My heart stopped and I said "What do you mean?", She says "I saw you guys". F*** me, I knew what she meant but I was like "Huh, Saw what?", She says "Don't play dumb, I woke up and looked out the window last night" then she sat there shaking her head at me, I was like F@CK.
I sat there not knowing what to say or do and she sat back and took a drink of her coffee and said "So, How long has this been going on?", I said "Uh, Oh um...That was the first time, I don't" and then i stopped realizing that she thought buddy's wife was down with what had happened. I didn't know hat to say, I just sat staring at her in full panic mode and finally she just shook her head and said "I...I'm not gonna say anything but...So not cool man, You guys need to put a stop to that right now before it leads to other things". I kind of felt like I was being scolded by my mom but I did not want to say anything to p*** her off so I just nodded and she said "Ok, So...Uh, This never happened, We neve had this little talk and I never looked out the window last night?", I nodded and she said "Ok, But seriously, You need to stop".
Later when me and my buddy were fishing and buddy assured me his wife was so trashed that she has no idea I played with her b**** or came on her which obviously makes it that much worse. I said "well, There's a problem" I told him what had happened and he started freaking out, He was like "Oh f***, If she says anything to my wife she is gonna flip her s*** and stab me in the heart", I assured him that she had promised not to say anything and to just forget anything had happend and all I can do is hope she stays true to that.

Nov 3, 2019

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