Give her back

God, give me Aunt Andrea back. Why did you let her die? WHY!? She was just getting her life on track, raising her kids, graduating from med school, and she gets a brain aneurism and dies within a day....

WHY! Everyone is crying now. How is this supposed to better us? just give her back....

Feb 28, 2013

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  • Yeah,cause whenever one of my family members dies,the first thing I do IS POST ABOUT IT ON A CONFESSION SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I agree who wants to be ripped from their worry free life and be trapped on earth again

  • Not to come off as harsh but... you sound selfish. Although it seems you are just venting your sorrow, blaming God for lifting your Aunt to paradise isn't the best way to mourn. Your Aunt is waiting for the day you and all her loved ones join her in peaceful bliss because here on earth, there is so much hate and killing and we work our lives away for what...? Who wants to come back to this?

  • Sorry about your Aunt. I don't think you're selfish. Loss of people we love cause some of our strongest emotions. God is imaginary. Like Santa. Life is chaotic, violent, and undetermined. I am sorry that you have to experience the loss. It's part of life.

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