Brother- Me and pregnant again.

My fraternal twin brother and I have been sexually active with each other since 7 years old, when we discovered how good it is to kiss each other.

We lost our virginity to each other at 13, and have never used protection.

I got married at 18, to a good guy, but with very little s** drive. We got married because I was pregnant. He though it's his but it is really my brothers. It was a boy. Two years after the birth he divorced me as he came out as gay.

We are 44 now, my brother and I share a house and a life together. We have 6 kids now 4 girls and 2 boys. All from my brother. We love each other so much. Last week I found out I was pregnant again, with number 7.

Our oldest son Josh and daughter Liz figured it out as teens. And now all the children know our family secret.

After college Josh and Liz became lovers, and have a beautiful daughter.

Incest is not for everyone, but I works for our family.


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  • I love incest. I use to have a sexual relationship with my 1st cousin that lasted for over a year. We were both the same age and to this day only our aunt knows about it. All she said is be careful not to get caught. It was the best s** I've ever had and would love to fuc her again.

  • Why did you two split up? Or was it just s**?

  • Let's stop pretending incest doesn't happen and accept it.

  • Cersei?! We thought you were dead!

  • My sister and I started having s** when I was 13 and she was 14. We really love each other and are living together; I wish we could get married. We accidentally got pregnant when she was 19. A few year after our son was born, we decided to have more children together and since have had two girls and another boy. I am just crazy in love with my sister and neither of us could even think of splitting up.

  • How old are your kids now.

  • You should be able to marry and have the same rights as anyone else. Is there anyway you could have some form of civil partnership?

  • How old are your kids now

  • How old your kids now

  • How old your kids now
    How old your kids now
    How old your kids now
    How old your kids now
    How old your kids now
    How old your kids now

    Keep posting the same thing over and over again like a little kid, pedo. I'm sure OP will finally decide to respond to your unintelligent probing.

  • I haven't f***** my brother in 6 days now. That b**** of a wife he has been watching us like a hawk. I think she is suspicious of us.

    We own a business together, and tomorrow we go back to work. I can't wait to have is thick c*** in me. And feel his tongue on my c*** and his c** filling my mouth.

    We love each other so much. He wants to divorce the b**** and be with me and our 2 kids.

    Only 13 hours until he is inside me again! Pure heaven!

  • Keep making babies he will not leave you

  • Hillbillies

  • People who sleep with family aren't all hillbillies. Lol

  • Yeah. Some are just plain stupid. Or post lots of bullshit stories for the attention their mommy won't give them. Samey-same

  • There are some bs stories or maybe just fantasies but they are still drawn to the subject of incest. I've had s** with my sister loads especially when we were younger. I don't think it was stupid and i'm really glad it happened. It's good that people have somewhere where they can truly express themselves.

  • I wanted kids, but my husband was not getting the job done. I turned to my brother Joe who I had always loved. It to a bit of work to get him to do it, but once we started it has never stopped.

    We have 3 kids now, 21, 18 and 15 all girls. My husband thinks they are his. But Karen my oldest figured it out, she said now she understands why she feels so close to my brother/her father.

    I think you also wants to try it with him. Since she figured it out she is always touching him. As she told me she see nothing wrong with incest if both people want it.

    I'm kind of jealous, but I understand why she wants to be with Joe, he is so sexy and good to be with.

  • Hopefully you plan on having more children family love is natural

  • Hope he plows her ass fills her up.

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