Mother in Law

I have been l****** after my mother in law (MIL) ever since my wife introduced me to her. She is only 5 years older than I am, my wife is 12 years younger.
My MIL is very sexy and we have flirted some, but not as much as I want.
Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen wearing only a t-shirt and boxers. I usually hang around the house in this and my wife nor MIL has ever said anything about it so I keep doing it. Well, every once in a while I wear a pair of boxers that the hole in the front, (for p******), is stretched out some and it allows my c*** to come out if I bend over and stand back up or sometimes moving in other ways.
I was finishing sweeping the floor and had the broom in one hand and the dust pan in the other. As I stood up from being bent over to sweep up the pile of dirt, my c*** came out of the p*** hole and my MIL came into the kitchen.
I knew she would be able to see my c*** if she looked at my crotch, so I stood there and asked her how she was doing. As she responded, her eyes went up my body and stopped at my crotch. I watched her eyes as we talked and they were glued to my c***. Me knowing she was staring at my c*** made it start to get hard.
I wanted to keep her talking until my c*** was fully erect and see how she reacted. I went over to the trash can to dump the dust pan. As I did I asked her what she was doing today. I looked at her waiting for her response, her eyes were still glued to my c***. I could tell it was almost fully erect now, but I didn't want to look at it, I wanted to act like I didn't know it was visible to her.
As she told me what she had planned for the day I went into the pantry to put away the broom and dust pan, she couldn't see me while I was in the pantry so I looked down and saw my c*** was at full erection.
I contemplated on whether to put it back in my boxers or to walk back out with it still sticking straight out. I decided to leave it out. As I came back into the kitchen and into her view, her eyes went straight back to my hard c***. I stood there telling her I was going to go to the store in a little while and asked if she needed anything or if she wanted to she could go with me.
The entire time I was talking I watched her eyes and they never left my c***. I started bouncing my c*** up and down by flexing it. This caused her mouth to open up a little as she stared.
She didn't answer me, so I simply said, "Do you want to?" She looked up at my face really quick and said, "do I want to what?" Her face was flushed and she was breathing kinda fast. I said, "go to the store with me, why, what did you think I meant?" She quickly looked back down at my hard c***. I looked down at it too and as I started pushing it back into my boxers I said, "oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I didn't realize that was sticking out, I'm so sorry." I looked back at her, she was still staring at my tented boxers.
I knew it was now or never, I walked up close to her, her eyes stuck on my covered c***. I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "I didn't mean for that to be sticking out, it's just that D, (my wife and her daughter), doesn't ever want to have s** anymore, and I stay h**** all the time. And seeing you in your robe makes me hard as a rock, I will try to keep it covered up from now on, unless..." She looked up at me really quick and asked, "unless what?" I replied, "unless you like what you see and want to have some secret fun." As I said that, I pulled it back out of my boxers, it was so hard now she looked back down at it and said, "I can't do that, it would be wrong." I didn't say anything, I just reached out and took her hand and placed it on my throbbing c***. Her hand melted around it, then she pulled back for just a second, then took it back into her hand and started stroking it slowly. She looked up at me and said, "D can never find out." I told her that I could keep a secret as I reached up and started to massage her breast through her robe. She let out a soft moan and said, "it's been a really long time since I have been with anyone, will you go slow with me?" I reached up and touched her chin and said, "we can go at what ever pace you are comfortable with", as I lifted her chin and kissed her softly on the lips.
We kissed slow and passionately for a few moments, the whole time she was squeezing and stroking my c***.
Will tell the rest later.

Nov 26, 2019

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  • Carry on - there is nothing heavenly than eating a a mature p**** with thick p**** then f*** this juice-flowing c***. The extra-bonus might be her a***...

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