My wife and I went to get a toy. Very conservative couple. Rather strange to us. Of course we heard of booths and what not. She asked if I ever been back in there. No I say. A few days later hmm. Why not?? I walked around seen typical guys around I guess. A couple man and woman said they seen us the other day. Very brutal she asked will I take him back there. Other than messing around when I was a kid. Never thought of touching another guy. Us three walked in the back. She gestured for us to go in one. The look on our face was really!!!
Eventually we could say no to her. She put money in the video machine. By then think me and him just couldn’t wait to get our c**** out. We pulled our shorts down. Seeing his c*** come out. Was the hottest ever. I had to grab. Me smaller than me. He asked I always wanted to try sucking a guy. They both said I was perfect for that. As he went down on me. It was like Fourth of July. Trying to hold back after a few minutes. He asked you want to try me. He sat down. With out think I had him in my mouth. I tried so hard to suck it all in. She asked if I’d turn around. Very virgin like I finally did. She rubbed my tight but. Asked me can he. I wanted to try it. Damn I was scared. She glided him close. Finally started to put his hardest hardon ever I’d say in me. Never felt a man there. Wife finger was about it. It hurt but wanted more. The s** smell between us was so hot I couldn’t say stop. He got in me. Damn was a feeling I never felt again. Obviously him to. In no time he pulled out. Asked me if I wanted it. I sucked him. Just enough to taste myself. He wanted to c** in my mouth. I pulled back. Has he came all over me. I got the last bit on my tongue. Wishing then I wanted it all. Then I noticed she left the booth door open. Everyone got to see his c** everywhere on me. So excited and scared I pulled my shorts up and walked out with his c** still dripping off my face. Wiped of going home. Kissed my wife. She asked what have I been drinking.

Dec 4, 2019

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  • I w ant to be black bred too

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