I’ve always wanted to have a big fat round belly. I can remember even as a kid wanting to be a big fat man.

My wife will not gain weight and a couple of years ago pointed out I’d been gaining a little in my belly. I couldn’t hold back anymore and told her I wanted to just let go and get fat.

At first she discouraged it but finally came around after she started rubbing my growing gut and finding it **. My weight went from 240 to about 280 in no time. But then I seemed to hit a wall.

Finally I told her I needed to be fed, encouraged to eat and teased about it. Especially in bed during **.

She now feeds me cookies, donuts and other goodies while rubbing my belly. I’ve told her I’d love it if she paid a lot of attention to my belly and grab it, play with it and tell me to get fatter. She’s hesitant but during ** does say things like “ go ahead, get fatter big boy” and stuff like that.

I’m nearing 300 and just really need her help and involvement. Any suggestions? As long as I get big and round I don’t care.

Apr 17

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