Tickled for rent

I let my landlord tickle me.
It started when I needed time to pay one month, he was surprisingly cool about it. He asked if I was ticklish and I am so we agreed that I would just have to sit and let him tickle my feet for awhile. It was fun and I paid him a few weeks later.
I am normally good at paying on time but a few months later I asked for a few more days. He seemed less cool then the first time and just asked if I wanted to let him tickle me for $100 off.
We have been going on like this for a few years now and I started to enjoy myself awhile ago.
Now I get to tease him by wearing croptops or dangling my barefeet over the banister.
I get a cut in rent and he gets to tickle me whenever he wants.

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  • That's pretty common. My 51 year old tenant pays rent on time, but when she needs beer money, she lets me fondle and suckle on her bare t*** for $20 almost every week.

  • Ahh. gateway prostitution. So nice. and so long as you don't come back when you are 30 and bit about being used #metoo bla bla crapo then we are all good.

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