Can't look my parents in the eye

I'm so embarrassed! Last night I came home over an hour past curfew and got a major spanking. I haven't been spanked in quite a while and I feel so embarrassed I can't even look at my parents :(

Dec 21, 2019

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  • I was 14, when my father spanked me bare ass. I got hard and on the 8 swat I came it went on his leg. He look at my c*** and said go to bed.

    Then for the next 3 nights he came in my room, pulled down my PJ's and spanked me several times and lubed my butt hole and fingered my ass for a few minutes and spanked me until I came. I last longer each night.

    In the fourth night he only had robe on and it was open. This time he stripped me, I could see his c*** getting hard. He is almost 10 inches long and very thick.

    He pulled across his knees and spanked me I was rock hard on the second stroke. I felt his c*** on my stomach. I said, Daddy I'm scared. He looked at me guide me to my bed. I knew what he wanted I kneed down and spread my ass cheeks.

    I was in agony as he enter me, went slow but I was crying silently. After few minutes it felt good and he made love to me for 30 minutes. Final I was on top of him riding his c*** and I felt him release and c** filled me. As he came I csme too on his stomach.

    He held me, and kissed me. I said Daddy I love you.

    5 years have passed and I am spanked several times a day. The session ends with me giving myself to him. I want him in my ass all the time. I'm completely submissive to him. Sucking his c*** swallowing his c**. I want nothing more than for Daddy to use my body for our pleasure.

    All guys should have their fathers spank and ass f*** them. No woman can ever make a man feel so good as to be taken anally by a strong father.

  • I agree, my uncles taught me the pleasure of receiving a p**** in the ass. All 3 have c**** about 8 inches long and very thick. And have incredible endurance.

    I'm 30 now, it started at 6. I must be different from other guys. From the first time it never hurt, my ass accepted their c**** easily. It like my ass was made just for my 3 uncle's c****.

    They ride me one after the other, it takes sometimes 2 hours to finish. By the end I am in heaven, filled with 3 loads and orgasming multiple time from a***.

    I get f***** by each if them 2 times a day. In 24 years of a*** pleasure I figure I have taken over 52,000 loads of c** in me.

    It feels so good.

  • Forget about taking loads of c**, what you need to realise is that you're full of s***!!!

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