Winning life's gamble (warning: extreme ferishes)

That i have had the most extreme fetishes since adolescence. Heres a short confession of how i achieved those fetishes with my wife.

I had been through many women by the time i was 25. But all were vanilla which was my worst nightmare. Then i met my wife to be. At first glace she seemed like a well brought up educated woman. But i knew there was something there waiting to be unleashed. I decided to take the chance and asked her to marry me within 2 weeks of dating her. She said yes.

She was a virgin. A 26 year old f****** virgin!!! I knew this would be difficult but didn't realise the magnitude of the difficulty. On the plus side she was chubby, tinted nipples, tinted genitals and darkened skin everywhere between flap areas. Dont get me wrong. She was very fair otherwise, well kept, shaved, a bit too clean for my liking. Always smelling nice. And here was my first mission. To keep her flabby and hairy so she sweats and stinks, which is something i live for. To clean a woman with my tongue. To taste her smell her lick her natural aromas. This proved to be very difficult.

3 years went by and i couldn't keep her from showering twice a day and using deos and perfume. Infact i could not even get her to have s** with me unless she showered. This was a problem for me. Because my ultimate goal was to receive/drink/clean golden shower and lick/clean faeces from her freshly relieved bum.

We used to fight alot. She always blamed me for not being there for her emotionally. Something i couldn't understand. Perhaps because i was emotionally damaged and always focusing on my fetishes with her.

6 years passed and simply wasnt working. Then i decided to try to be completely subservient to her needs during the day and see what happens. What happened was a b***** miracle.

2 months in. She was so happy that one day asked me to arrange some s** toys. Me being a butt worshipper onviously got a princess plug. That evening she insisted i use it on her. I told her since she is not lubricated it will hurt. She insisted but i refrained. However my solution was licking she agreed. And the first time in a long time my tongue was in heaven for 30 minutes. She wet her good. She insisted that i shove it in. She wanted the pain. And after 6 years to remembered this side of her that i saw behind those innocent virgin eyes

5 months in I wake up in bed next to her hung over as s***. Without thinking i go down on her which wakes her up. She wakes, says she needs to go to the loo to pee. Without thinking i tell her p*** in my mouth. She says no and calls me crazy. I hold her wrists down, all the while face between her legs mesmerized by her morning p**** stink and say in a commanding voice "you are my wife which means you are my princess by day w**** by nigut. If i ask you to p*** you will p***. Before she could show her discomfort i turned around and 69ed my c***. As soon as i trusted in her mouth sure enough a stream a p*** uncontrollably came out. I drank most. At this point i understood that it is only a matter of time and patience before I get my way 100%.

8 months in. P*** was a regular exercise. So was me r****** her. But had to get down to business somehow. One day when she was 33 she said let me try whiskey. She was always a wine drinker. So she tried she got a pep and she loved it. 3 drinks down the sparkle of intoxication in her eyes was obvious. She excused her self to go to the toilet. I asked her why. She said she needed to p***. I said im coming also. She said h*** no. I said its not her decition. She laughed, in her drunken state and went to our bedrooms toilet. I dont think she was expecting me but i went in anyway she was sitting on the pot. Toilet smelled, bad for most prople, heavenly for me. She said "babe get out" in a loud uncomfortable voice. And so i did not get out. Infact i kept walking up to her whipped my c*** out and shoved it in her mouth. She tried to resist for a few seconds tue took it in as she had been trained by me over the last 7 years. At this point she was a partial deep throater.

Now, im keeping her mouth shut while i decide how to reach her ass. But then it occured to me. If i do it and she finds it disgusting shell be putt off by me which meant no s** or very little plain vanilla missionary style s**. For me those were dispucable options.

Hence i slid my hand down her back. Once i passed the checks i felt her reluctance which i subdued by pushing her mouth further over my c***. And surely i felt s*** on her a*** which i smudged well. She manages to take her head away from my c*** and says (babe what did you do). Again, keeping my cool, i reminded her that her body belongs to me. I was about to leave when it occured to me that i needed a closure. So i turned around went back to her and said "you get up from here and go to the bed without washing i will lick s***** a******. To my great amazement she obliged.

I threw her on the bed in doggy style. Asked her to open her a****** which she proudly did. I ate all the s*** and cleaned up well.

And now i am in a position where rims me as well.

Moral of the story is that if you invest in will reap fruits sooner or later.

Dec 22, 2019

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