Had NO idea I was pregnant

I (23 f) was shopping with a female friend last month to pick up some of the Black Friday deals. I didn't feel that well when I went out, but I hadn't felt that well in some time, and knew we were only going to be out for a bit.

I started feeling really sick and dizzy, like I was about to pass out. My friend called mall security and they whisked me away into a back room and called the paramedics. Pretty soon I was getting my vitals taken, my blood pressure was sky high, and when I said my pain was abdominal they stripped off my t-shirt and pulled off my pants. I had a room full of people, paramedics and mall security personnel, staring at my assets and I was asked by the paramedics if I was pregnant. I said no way, that would be impossible. It wasn't long after that I felt a "woosh" type of feeling and they confirmed that I was giving birth, as a baby was moving through my v*****. WTF?

It was a baby boy. I said I had been on the pill, but they just said, well, you were pregnant. They got me to the hospital where it was almost impossible to realize what happened. I'm single and there was no way I was going to keep this thing. I didn't even want to look at the baby, though I did.

Considering the time period of conception, the father is either one of two guy friends of mine. I had s** with both of them on occasion, as I was single and needed some, and we had a good time. I had put on about 17 pounds, but didn't look pregnant at all. I thought I was just eating too much bad food. I was on the pill the whole time, even during pregnancy, so it wasn't like I was missing not having a period. I had no idea that I had been knocked up.

I've put the child up for adoption. I'll probably regret it later, but I sure don't now. That is what I need to remember.

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  • I'm a fat girl 190 lbs, and got pregnant from my father at 17. It's consensual our incest. Actually I wanted more than him at the beginning. Now he wants to be inside me all the time. At home we are naked all the time and he seems always to have a h****** and f****** My p****, mouth or ass.

    I was on the pill also, but got pregnant by Daddy. We didn't realize it until I gave birth. I had my annual check up 4 months into it and my Doctor missed it.

    We have a beautiful daughter we kept it. But moved across the country so we can live like husband and wife. I look older than 19 and Daddy looks younger than 38.

    We love each other.

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