Planning my move

I've been married 6 months and it's been a big mistake. I now realize my husband is intellectually not up to my standards, his parents suck, and he's been off work for a so-called "back problem" basically since shortly after we married. His disability company is on again/off again with his benefits because they don't even think he's disabled most of the time. I think he's faking it. My husband just sits around the house playing video games and farting all of the time. Seriously, any room he hangs out in for a length of time smells like ass. He wears the same clothes sometimes two or three days in a row.

The only reason I'm still around is that he has a hott friend who comes over and I really get turned on talking to him. He's unhappily married too, and we like to talk s*** about our spouses and no doubt there is chemistry between us as I can tell when a guy flirts. I've kissed him on the mouth once when my husband was in the bathroom taking a dump and I'm planning on doing more. I just need to plan it out and make it be the right time. I'm thinking about f****** him on his birthday, but we can't do it at either of our houses, so I'm working on asking a friend if we can do it at her house.

Then I'm going home to slap down some divorce papers on my husband, show him the deposit his friend made between my legs, and start a whole new life hopefully with his friend. I've never wanted to make babies with someone so badly, but my husband's friend is the guy I need to steal. And idgaf about his fat wife and their three kids, they can all f*** off. I'm moving in for the kill and he will be mine.

Dec 28, 2019

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  • I think its good what you are doing and totally back you up, I need to find a positive woman like yourself in my life

  • She’ll be getting a real winner. This guy has a wife and three kids. That means a lot of child support for a long time. She’ll be working to help pay child support. Maybe her ex and his ex would be better off without them.

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