Confessions of A Cartersville Mistress

My name is Ebony L. H. Hurst (soon to be my last name), and I am a very proud mistress. I finally hit the
jackpot this time, and it paid off! My bae left his wife and her children on June 23, 2019.
After seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months of loving him, making him feel like the King he is, letting him know that he is
wanted and needed, having unprotected l***-filled s** (yes, I have already planned on getting pregnant) anywhere he wanted; made the decision to leave his overweight wife. They had no real tides together, so it
was very easy for him to leave her. My bae told me everything. He said that she did not pay him any attention, she didn’t make him feel wanted or needed and he was no longer attracted to her anymore. She
spent all the money, lost all their cars, didn’t pay the bills on time, gave all their money to her older kids, spent unnecessary money on furniture, clothes, expensive shoes, purses, her children and grandchildren
were always there, and she refused to pay the monthly payments on their food truck.

So, why would he have a desire to stay with her? He owes her nothing. He Is no longer responsible for any
bills at the home where he used to live. His obligation is to me and my kids now. There is no obligation to
keep him with her. Say what you want about me but at least I am going after what I want, and not sitting
back holding up some fictious dialogue about marriage bullish. He no longer belongs to her. He gave me complete control and made me his first and final choice. My bae gave me complete access to handle their
food truck financial affairs, we worked the truck together every night and no one knew it. We had s** on the truck when the customers slowed down on the third shifts, he and I drove my car openly every day, he paid
all of my bills, took care of my girls, we went everywhere together, took expensive family trips, he placed me
as an authorized user on his business credit card and we went to the best hotels when she thought he was
working the food truck alone. She had no clue. Besides, his best friend/ play aunt helped him to escape to see me too. He also told her how unhappy he was in his marriage and that he just wanted out. He hated
being there with her. Every opportunity he had he was with me. He took on jobs to be with me. He had a remodeling company, and he would purposely get jobs to make love to me all day long. I admit sometimes
we made runs for his “street hustle” and I was there to help him in any way that I could. He knew that I was the loyal one. The one who would keep all his darkest secrets- our intimate and lustful love affair. Often, he
told me that I should have been the one he married and not her. She was a horrible wife and she didn’t allow him to talk and she did not listen to him. No one liked her and yet they all love me, including his son, the
mother of his son, his cousin and nephew. These are all positive signs that his wife isn’t the one for him.

It started out me just buying articles from him at first. But then something happened. I realized that this
man was an excellent provider, he was funny, he made me feel beautiful and sexy, his hands were always all over me every time we met, he gave me flowers, cards, candy, money, the best s** ever, passionate love
making, calling me all day and night, wanting to see me every day, and he always made sure to let me know that he loved me. These are the recipes of a very successful relationship and soon to be marriage one day.

My bae had three successful businesses. He had cars and he was a “street hustler” too. He had plenty of money and he wasn’t afraid to spend it on me either. Whatever I wanted my bae gave it to me openly. I
knew that I loved him, but I wasn’t sure if he had felt the same for me. As weeks went by, he poured his heart out to me and I felt so sorry for him. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. Especially, a man like him.
Honey, when I tell you that my bae is so talented in everything, he is truly a remarkable man! There isn’t anything that my bae can’t do. So, why would he need to waste any more time on a dead-end marriage that he was tricked into? I saved him from a hopeless marriage going nowhere fast. He also told me that he rushed into the marriage and didn’t think things through until it was too late. He regrets getting married and he admitted that he knew nothing about marriage. Until I came along, he hasn’t been this happy in a long time and he is now complete with me in his life now.

My bae no longer cared what anyone thought or had to say because the p**** is out of the bag now! We are free to be us! She threw him out with no place to go. How dare her fat ass! The day he left on June 23, 2019
is the day that we became an official couple. We immediately got a place to live for all of us temporarily. That is until we located our first home together as a family.

He confessed his love for me giving me the title of being his one and only woman, and he wasn’t afraid to show me off neither. Everyone in town knows that he is my man now! We are like glue. Once you see one,
you will the other. I am now friends with his brother, his wife and their children. I have been introduced to only his true closest friends as his “woman”. I am finally official. He told me that he would never go back to
his wife. He chose me instead. He is truly committed to me and only me. Everyone knows the love that we have is real. They see our daily interactions. Even his friend/play aunt told his wife that my bae would never
cheat on me because she sees how truly happy that he is with me now. She never saw him this happy before.

So, yes ladies, sometimes it is worth the wait for your man to finally leave his wife. I am living proof! We are expecting our first child together. We have been official for seven months now. His wife will divorce him,
and she will be the one paying out of her pocket, and not my man. See how smart he is. He will be legally free, and he didn’t have to pay not one cent! Life is good. No life is grand and great. He completes me and I
complete him. If we never get married, he chose me and let everyone know it. Marriage isn’t everything.

Do not let this single, desperate and lonely people tell you how to live your life. You better grab it where ever you can.
This is all that matters. My bae is a keeper!

Dec 28, 2019

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