Unbeknownst yet knownst exhibitionism

My 16 year old niece spent the summer with us. She had just turned 16 in April. She worked part time at a fast food place, sometimes she worked days, sometimes she worked nights. My wife works days and my daughter was away at college. I work nights, so often during the day it was just me and my niece, in the house. I often jacked off while looking out the window at her laying by our pool and the climaxes were very intense given that she was my niece. One day I decided to see if she would watch me j*******. There are apps for both Apple and Android that will make your cell phone a wireless webcam. I used one called “Droid Cam”. There is a companion app you download to your computer so you can use it as your monitor. You can even type the Cam’s IP address into a browser and watch it full screen. I set my phone up on a shelf full of trophies in the hallway and pointed at my bedroom door one day when I knew she worked night shift (200PM to 1000PM). I left my bedroom door cracked open just a bit , maybe ½ inch, then laid on my bed and waited for her to wake up. I can switch my PC to view it on a 48” TV on my wall, so that’s what I monitored her on. She woke up about noon and walked past my bedroom door three times, going to the bathroom and to the kitchen a couple times before she finally stopped and looked in through the slightly open door. She immediately went back into the front hall and I’m guessing it was to check the lock on the front door. While she watched me she frequently looked over her shoulder and occasionally walked over to the front hallway (about 6 feet away) to make sure nobody was going to catch her. She knew what she was doing was wrong and that made it even more exciting for me. She watched me for 10 – 15 minutes before I exploded. Watching her on a giant screen TV while she was watching me was even more intense than watching her laying by the pool. Never thought I’d j******* in front of a 16 year old girl, let alone my niece! Now, at family gatherings when we see each other its like the two of us have a secret that she thinks I don’t know about. It almost (but not quite) feels like we had s** together. I’m hoping I can do it for her again. I keep nagging my brother about letting her stay with us for the summer again. I even offered to give her an allowance! If I ever get a chance to do it for her again, I plan to use some pics of her by the pool that I have on my tablet by setting it up in the bed beside me so she can see that I’m j********** to her. That might be a step toward actually getting to make love to her which I’m not really certain I would do anyway. I’d be happy to just have her sit on my face for about an hour. Also, I don’t know if that would be as much fun as what I’ve already done, crazy as that may seem. A few things to keep in mind before trying this: Make certain your phone is charged so there will be no low battery warnings going off and make sure all of its volume controls are silenced. Also, make sure whatever you use for a monitor isn’t visible through the crack in the door.

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  • She needs a good f***

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