Caught wanking by my 14 year old sister when i was 16 2 years ago and the worst part was i was watching incest p*** and had to give her money to shut her mouth but as she got older she wanted more for clothes she came home early from school with shopping bags saying she's going to try her knew stuff on half hour later she came down walked in the room just wearing matching white lace underwear oops better not let you see this you might get turned on even before she went to school she would flash me her ass when she done that again few days later i had enough pushed her up against the door i only had my boxers on and told her she needs to stop she replied or what so with one hand pulled my d*** out and said you will get this now it's rock hard she replied i knew my teasing helped when i step back told her she had a choice stop the blackmail or get your ass to my room as i got half way up the stairs she said she can't so you will have to sort me out here so i ripped her shirt open buttons falling on the floor pulled her skirt up stood back wow you hot little b**** told her to take her undies off and get on the sofa with her ass in the air i rushed to the bathroom grabbed the nearly empty bottle of baby oil rubbed some over my c*** then rushed back to her she asked why it looks shinny told her to wait and see got behind her was surprised how easy it went in her ass she looked over her shoulder said it's not the first time in there now f*** me hard the harder i done it the more she liked it the sweat is dripping of us her ass is red i can feel the build up of c** and pull my nearly 7inc c*** out just leaving the b****** in then slam it back in and spunked pulled out drained could hardly stand pointed at her p**** told her that's getting it tonight.

Jan 9, 2020

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  • Sexy???

  • Yeah sexy! Sibling s** is hot! I've only slept with my sister a couple of times but its still the best s** I've ever had.

  • Sexy

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