I regret everything. I’m sorry.

I am a white person and I once said the n word. At the time I was much younger and didn’t know what it meant. I just heard someone say it (a white man) and though I didn’t know what it meant, I knew it was a bad word. I don’t quite remember the conversation I had but I remember asking my friends what it meant. They just stared at me, until one of them explained it. The reason I didn’t know what it meant at age 11 is because I’m a sheltered white person who has always lived in predominantly white neighbourhoods and my school was never all that diverse. This is not me trying to excuse my actions, but rather get this off my chest. I’m not sure my friends even still remember this, but I do. I almost forgot about it, but it’s always at the back of my mind. I’m sorry.

Mar 27, 2021

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  • S***, when I was that age i was molesting my sister. I don't think you're use of the N word when your were a kid is a big deal. You were a kid, and i doubt your use of it f***** up anyone's life. If this is the worst you have done, you should be proud.

  • Look you said something that you should not.
    You learned about what it means and your sad about it now.
    That is called learning and growing now and you do not want to do it again. So in the future help out anyone thaT is having a problem to make up for your mistake.
    It is OK to forgive yourself!!!!

  • In the usa, black people are 14% of the population and commit over 50% of the violent crime and murder. They should be apologizing to you. You owe them nothing

  • There's nothing more pathetic than a self-hating insecure White man. F****** man up, be proud of your race and don't fall for the White guilt bullshit.

  • Keep that White guilt bullshit and you'll be a cuck to blacks in no time.

  • Wow! You have really internalized this white guilt bullshit. It’s just another form of racism. Pathetic

  • I'm white and working on big job for Indians doesn't matter about race of colour if you get on with them

  • Yea you said it and the worlds still in one piece. its fine. people are so dramatic

  • Shut the f*** up

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