Best night ever

My wife (41) and I (44) have strayed outside the lines of manogamy a time or two but not in probably 10 years and before that it was seriously twice, Once in college and once after marriage but recently while on a get away we went back to our hometown and met up with some old friends.
We were all drinking margaritas and having fun, people filtered off home one by one and soon it was the owners of the home we were at who decided they were too drunk and had to go to bed, My wife and I and one of my best friends for many years all went to the hotel and were having drinks still at stupid o'clock...Probably 2:00 or 3:00 and my wife was relaxing, She had changed into a T-shirt and shorts and had no bra. My friend who has known her since before kids said "I am sorry but I have to ask...Did you...Have work done?", My wife looked down and laughed saying "Nope, Definitely not", He reached over and gave me a fist bump saying "Congrats" and we all laughed.
I told my wife she should show us her b****** and she scoffed, My friend said "yeah, Why not", She just laughed it off and walked to the bathroom, Both him and I watched as she walked away, My wife is short and sexy with a GREAT bum, Just a little chubby but round and firm and looks great when in loose fitting shorts. My friend looked at me and we both giggled as he nodded in approval, I decided to go for it and whispered "We should tag her", He sat up, Lifted his eyebrows and whispered "Serious?", I nodded and said "Want to?", He whispered "Do you think she would?". I nodded my head from side to side and said "Mmmm, I don't know but it's worth a shot", He laughed and said "I'm in".
When my wife came back he had sat in her seat so she had to sit next to me and I started cuddling and touching her, Her nips had started to stand up and she whispered to me when he went to grab a drink from the fridge "you should tell him to go home" and winked at me, I whispered "What if he stayed?", She leaned back a bit and looked at me then he came back and sat down again. I have never seen my wife switch personalities but she went into flirt mode and started giggling and sitting up straighter making her b****** stand out, After a few minutes she said "Still want to see my b****?", We both said yes and she lifted her shirt, I was instantly rock hard at the idea of my friend seeing her and I reached over and pulled her top over her head.
She happily sat with no top on for a couple minutes and said "Ok, your turns", We both laughed and lifted our shirts, She said "Oh come on, I showed my b****...Show me something good". We were all laughing and I said "Ok, Tell you what, If you drop your shorts we will both show you", She squinted and looked at me then at him and he nodded, She pursed her lips and pushed them to the side and then said "Never a word...To ANYONE!!!". We both agreed and she stood up, Took a deep breath and grabbed her shorts dropping them to the floor and stood up then did a little turn and giggle making her bum jiggle, She sat down and covered herself and took a deep breath then said "Oooookay, Holy crap, Alright...Get em out".
I looked at him, He looked at me and we both stood up, Dropped our pants and stood in front of her in our underwear, She looked up at us and said "You gonna make me do the work", We both shrugged and she whipped mine down then grabbed his waitsband and took a deep breath, Sighed and pulled his down, She looked back and forth and nodded, Both were comparable, No major differences, I maybe had a little bit on him for girth but not much. My wife took one in each hand and I watched my friends face, His eyes got wide and as she started sucking him he closed his eyes and moaned.
She went back and forth sucking one and stroking the other and then I stood her up and led her to the bedroom, She laid back and my friend said "Oh god you are amazing", She giggled and lifted her legs then spread them, I knelt by her face and she sucked me while he went down on her, After a minute she whispered "Come here" and pulled him on top of her, I sat back and watched as she reached down and stroked him pretty much pulling him into her and then he shoved it in and she moaned "Ooohhhh yes, yeah" and they started banging, She kept reaching for me so I got back up beside her face and we spent the next hour or so switching back and forth and I never asked him but I for sure got off more than once and I am pretty sure he did too, I was done forst and laid back just watching and touching her and then she finished but she stayed in the groove and he asked "Where do you want me to come", she looked at me and said "You decide", I said "On your face", She said "f*** no", In my mouth", She was really working up to a second O which would have been the first time and then he pulled out and climbed up beside her so i spit on my hand and started rubbinng her, She swallowed his load and laid there with her legs spread sucking him while I got her to peak and she laid back convulsing and moaning loudly while he pinched her nips and rubbed his c*** on her face until she clamped her legs together and pushed me away.
We all laid down and caught our breath and I laid back and watched them kiss and cuddle until she finally said "Ugh, I need a shower...And no I don't want company", She got up and we both sat at the foot of the bed, He grabbed her hand and pulled her in front of him, He sucked her nips a bit and she looked at me, Winked and pushed him away then left. Me and him got dressed and talked for a few minutes laughing and fist bumping and I told him that in no uncertain terms that he could never tell anyone and he assured me he wouldn't before he left. My wife got out of the shower and we crawled into bed and slept naked then banged in the morning and drove home.
She has made it clear that as far as she is concerned we are to never speak of it even in private but i hope we do it again.

Sep 20, 2020

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  • That is basically how I got my first taste of married V. When we were done they both urged me to promise to do the same once I had a wife of my own

  • I wish my husband would shock me with something like this. Heaven knows I've done the reverse for him with my best friend on and off over the years. It seems though, that the only way I'll ever experience DP is with him and a toy. At least he's a great lover, even if he has a bit too much of a preference for vanilla.
    He's a fantastic man and I'm lucky to have him. I can think of far worse things to be deprived of in a marriage than a specific s e x act.

  • Wow an amazing story. Lucky you

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