Oh so embarrassing (That night)

My wife's sister put on quite a show last night, We had all gone out to a fundraiser in town, She came to our place after because her husband had stayed home and was going to be up early to take the kids to the daytime activities connected to the night time function we were at and he didn't want her coming home all drunk and waking everyone up, I was there for the conversation and he was like "You are like a bull in a china shop after two beers, You come in, You're cooking, You're playing music, Slamming s*** around...Just stay at their place, You are going to be in NO shape to come with me and the kids anyway".
I went out with the two of them dressed to the nines and both looking drop dead gorgeous, My wife's sister is early 40's and my wife is considerably younger, Her sister has a few kids but I will say that her body has bounced back wondefully from it, She is quite attractive and a total MILF, I have never seen her in less than a bikini but for a mom of multiple kids to rock a bikini the way she does is impressive, She has said before that with her and my wife, If they were both naked it would be a before and after of what kids do to their mothers bodies but to be honest...Other than being a little more filled out and a little cellulite I have always thought she looked great other than the fact her b**** are obviously saggy, She never wears anything that even remotely come close to showing cleavage or anything and even the bikini tops she wears are like full frontal coverage (Sorry, Don't know the style name) and with a bikini top on there is not much there, Pretty flat other than when she gets a chill LOL.
My wife on the other hand has smallish, Firm, perky b**** and flaunts them but makes sure to point the difference out to her sister who always says "yeah but are your cats going to send you christmas cards when you're old because my kids will and someday mother nature is gonna do this to yours anyway", So we go out and get back to our place and both girls are trashed as expected. My wife sits at the kitchen table and puts her head down passing out, Her sister stumbles off to our spare room and I pour one last "Night cap". My wife's sister stumbles back into the kitchen and mumbles somthing then turns her back to me and pulls her hair to the side.
I figured out that she wanted her dress unzipped so I did and it basically fell to the floor, So...There I am looking at my wife's sisters back in just a strapless bra and a thong and she looked decent, She stumbled straight into the bathroom and put her hands on the counter, I could only see her from behind but was having a peek and then my wife POPs up, Looks around and I moved so I wasn't able to see her sister anymore and my wife slides her chair back, Stumbles to the living room and passes out on the couch.
I was having a bit of a chuckle at the two of them and moved back to where I could see her sister again and she was fighting with her bra trying to undo it, I thought "Well, Maybe I'll get to see her b**** finally", She got it undone and I guess our bathrooms are a similar layout so I assume she forgot where she was and she tossed it to the spot where in their bathroom they keep a laundry basket and she put her hands on the counter again, So now I was checking her out in just a thong and I could ALMOST see one b*** from the side, It was right there but not quite.
She stumbled out of sight and I heard her pee, I heard the toilet paper roll rattle and then heard her flush, She came back, Washed her hands and then put her elbows on the counter leaning over the sink which made her round booty stick out even a bit more, I was just standing there quietly and I was trying to peek into the mirror but couldn't see her front. But that's when it got really embarrassing for her, She gagged a couple times arching her back and I thought Oh this is not gonna be good but she regained her composure and took a deep breath then said "Baby...Baby...", Me and her husband are not twins by any means but similar height and similar build and she only glanced in the mirror for a second at me.
I just said "What?" and she said "Baby, I am so f***** up", I just said "yeah" and then she moaned a pouty "Mmmm" and said "I was gonna f*** you tonight, I was...For realzzz", I said "Oh good" and she said "Mmm, I don't know...Maybe...Maybe not...Keep your d*** in your pants for now and I'll keep you updated" then she giggled and hiccupped. She was all slurry with her words and swaying side to side and just stood there for a minute then said "Sooo...Did you think about it?", I got curious of course and said "Think about what?", She said "Mandy and James", I said "What about them" and she said "Uhh...Hooking up again, You said maybe", I was stuck for words but luckily she said "I think I'm gonna puke...Close the door".
I closed the door most of the way and she put her head right down over the sink, I walked away and sat in the living room for a bit, My wife was still passed out face down on the couch so I lifted her feet and sat down with them on my lap, I was reaching up her skirt giving her a little rub and playing around a bit but realized I hadn't heard any noises for a bit so went to investigate. My wife's sister was sitting on the toilet with her arms folded on the counter and her head resting on her arms. That was when I got to see her b****, Uh...Yeah, Not impressive, They looked like...a balloon, A small, under inflated balloon but with a little bit of water in it, Like a 1/4 full maybe. They were just hanging there and the skin was all stretched at the chest and then got a little bit more...Bulbous at the bottom, She has kinda big, Brown, Wrinkly, Bumpy super weird looking nipples that are really big for how small her b**** are and don't look nice at all to be honest but I was very intrigued by them.
She just sat there breathing very drunkenly heavy and I thought about leaving her there but she looked like she could fall and I didn't want her to get hurt, I said her name and she grunted, I said her name again and she took a deep breath and said "Hmmm", I said "time to go to bed", She sat up slumped over and said "Baby...I'm f*****", I said "Here I'll help you" and she said "No fucky tonight?", I said "No fucky tonight" and she reached out for my hand, I stood her up and she said "Sorry".
I stood her up and put my arm around her waist and she put one hand on mine, I helped walk her out of the bathroom and then she grabbed my hand, Slid it up her side and onto her b***, My heart skipped a beat and then she sqeezed my hand. Her b*** was really soft, Like soft soft but her nipple was hard as a rock, I laid her face down on the bed and sat down, She turned her head to the side and was trying to look at me but kept drifting off, I got an idea and said "Hon...", She murmered "Hmm", I said "What about Mandy and James?", She shrugged and said "I told you...If you are in again, I am in...Vegas baby". I know they made their first and only trip to Vegas as a couple last sept. So I assumed they went with this Mandy and James and had some sort of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", I thought for a second and said "What was your favorite part", She said "Mmm, Not now baby", I said "Just tell me your favorite part", She said "I told you, Watching you and James watch me and Mandy" and BOOM, I had actual knowledge that my wife's sister had dyked out with another girl, I said "Did you like her going down on you or you going down on her?", She shrugged and said "Both" and I was instantly rock hard, Harder than I have probably ever been in my life, I reached over and put my hand on her bum, It is a little big but surprisingly firm.
I just left my hand on her bum for a minute and she moaned "mmm, Now I'm h**** baby" and I was like "Oh f***, Nope, Not doing that" in my head of course so I was gonna get up and leave but she spread her legs still face down and shoved one hand under her body, I leaned back and looked as she pulled her thong to the side and showed me a nice little p****, Little bit fuzzy but nice, I watched as she rubbed for a minute then stopped and pulled her hand out saying "Nope...Too f****** drunk". she rolled onto her back and put one arm over her head and one across her stomach, Her b**** basically absorbed into her chest and she was left completely flat chested with two big, fat nipples sticking out, One pointing each direction to the side.
I sat there thinking about what other info I could get out of her, She was drifting off again and I said "What about your sister?", She took a deep breath and said "That's what I said and you said too weird", I was like Oh my god yes, yes, yes, She had the arm that was above her head across her eyes and I was so h****, I just wanted to nail the s*** out of her but I wouldn't, I sat there thinking and thinking and she started to lightly snore probably because she was on her back, I sat there looking at her nipples wondering if they ever go soft, I Pinched one between my thumb and pointer finger and was just sitting there rolling them and stretching her b**** out and back down and she took a deep breath and then said "If you keep doing that you have to f*** me but I might puke".
I got up and left the room and went back to the living room, I flipped my wife's skirt up and pulled her thong to the side, I gave her a lick and then barely f***** her for a minute or two and came, I took off all of her clothes and put them in the laundry in our closet then went back and her sister was sleeping so I peeled off her thong and left the door wide open, I scattered her clothes around the house and went to bed.
Read the next morning for the funniest part.

Jan 29, 2020

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  • Way too much alcohol consumed that night.

  • Sweet. Pick up a couple of fellows, or more, and they can take turns banging two sisters. Only thing hotter than that might be a mother/daughter team.

  • I found out my sister and her husband were swingers when my husband and I got divorced. When the paperwork was finalized I went out and my sister and her husband and I got trashed, Went back to their place and she told me she could introduce me to a couple guys, We had a brief discussion about how she knew one of them had a big c*** and was good in bed then she blurted out that her husband should bang me, It all happened so fast that I don't even know how but I ended up on my back with him pounding me and he gave me the biggest o***** I have ever had. We are all much closer now if you get my drift.

  • But he's not as good as I am

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