Why isn't diet pill addiction an eating disorder?

Oftentimes, people talk about eating disorders. Anorexia, Bulimia, ect. But why doesn't anyone consider diet pill addiction an eating disorder? It has all the same elements of other weight loss eating disorders (fear of gaining weight, possibly of ending up in the hospital, ect.) My friend suffered with diet pill addiction for years, and just this year she got help. I just think it shouldn't just be an addiction, but also considered an eating disorder. Just my thoughts.

Jan 30, 2020

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  • It’s a matter of parsimony only. It’s a mental illness by any measure.

  • It’s not a drug addiction because she’s voluntarily taking them and doesnt have a biological dependence on it. It is an eating disorder. The problem is weight perception and what she is doing is a form of purging by trying to drop weight fast.

  • It's a drug addiction. Have an adult show you where OP typed "diet pill addiction", in that specific order. If OP wasn't a drug addict, she wouldn't be on here trying to make her drug addiction sound like an eating disorder. That's the way of things now, call them something else entirely so your self esteem isn't harmed in any possible way.

  • It's a DRUG addiction. Eating addictions are more socially acceptable than drug conditions, but that makes people sad, so let's all relabel it so "victims" can cry about it on IG and get lots of positive attention instead of a dose of reality.

  • This is still classified as an Eating Disorder

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