Happy and Fulfilled

I am a woman who went through my life being what some call fat. My 38 years included the many diets and exercises, doctor's advice, rejections and insults you can imagine. I hated it when people would say, Oh, but you have such a pretty face (another way of saying you are fat). Sexual experiences included some guys who just wanted to score with a fat chick so they could brag and laugh later like it was a ** flick. I got so tired of everyone's condescending advice too. When a skinny chick tells you to do yoga, pilates and five mile jogs it just seems it is more about herself than you.

I hid in the academic world comfortably until I ended up with a Ph.D. in classic literary interpretation and even taught a little. But for the most part my 228 pounds were not moving forward in life. Then, someone noticed me in a way I thought was probably academic and intellectual. He dealt in art and antiquities, literary analysis, editing and lecturing. I worked with him on some research projects and we became regular companions. It soon became obvious he was smitten with me, for the right reasons, but he was bashful of approaching me to be his girlfriend.

Fast forward: He entered my life with respect for with my mind and personality. We fell in love and then he was rewarded with my sexuality (which was a boiler about to explode at that point in my life!). I've never felt anything so warm and wonderful. He also loves my body. I became very confidant about myself. I dress in beautiful dresses and dress my legs in sensual sheer hosiery. My hair and make-up are classic. I accent outfits with corsets and waist cinchers that are made to be worn on the outside (Thanks for the ideas goth girls!). In other words I am confident, happy and laugh when guys hit on me. Sorrow fellows, you can't compete at this level. Go back to the minor leagues!

Of course you wonder about the **. My ** wardrobe is quite sensual. My perfume is exquisite, my black hair, pale make-up and red lipstick are just waiting to be messed up. We love in several positions that work well for us and the oral ** is over-the-top ** (Yes I swallow. How's that for a diet plan?). We are satisfied with our life and the urge to please each other is intense. Knowledge, respect, intelligence and trust have bonded us for life. It is a good life, finally! All I can say is that the right man is out there. Sometimes circumstances get in the way but be patient and realize you are worthy of respect and happiness.

Jan 31, 2020

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  • A classic beauty, and a brain to match! A quality man wants to love a woman, not a little girl. You two sound wonderful, I'm still looking for mine. Thick or thin, it doesn't matter. But I PREFER THICK. Love and be loved.

  • My wife is a larger lady, and she KILLS it. No, she doesn't draw quite as many stares as some vapid little stick figure, but that's fine-- what turns MY crank is when *quality* men are ** her with their eyes. It adds flavor to the knowledge that this hot little package is coming home with ME, as she has been for over 10 years.

    Even if I were to share her out (it's "look but don't touch"), only MEN would be allowed to participate. This way, the pool has been pre-vetted and we wouldn't have to deal with any BOYS.

    Keep respecting yourself, and keep putting out the message that there are decent men out there. You are appreciated!

  • I appreciate your sincere and realistic encouragement big girls, like me. As you were, I have been the target of the fetishistic chubby-chasers, who only like us for what they believe will be desperate filthy **. It's so comforting yo hear your history. Thank you for that.

  • 228? Girl please, you’re petite! Haha!

    Seriously, great story and I’m happy for you. I’m a skinny guy who’s completely smitten by bigger girls. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a serious relationship with a woman who was under 300 pounds, and my current girlfriend is over 400. She is an awesome person, a beautiful woman and an absolute savage in bed!

    I’m loving what I have!

  • Good for you friend! Your head is in a good place and I'm honored that you called me petite. Have you ever had the experience where a well-meaning person tries to get you to explain why you like bigger women, or try to do an amateur analysis of your mental health? Hilarious! My husband gets that treatment at times and answers, "I am an educated man who reads the classics. How are those dime novels you are reading?"

  • Yes, I get that all the time. Or the patronizing “it’s good you value what’s inside” as if I love her despite her weight.

    I’ve had so many people question my self esteem because I choose to be with fat women. I don’t have self esteem issues, if anything I have ego problems. I’m proud of the women I’m with! I have an amazing partner right now. She’s a hottie and so much fun to be with.

    Sounds like you have a good thing going yourself and I wish you the best!

  • Because your husband is a member of the MEN'S club. Boys need not apply!

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