I am addicted to p*** and I am trying very hard not to view it or think about it, but I am having difficulty trying to kick this habit. While I am able to not look at it for a while, I always seem to come back to it. As a boy I was inappropriately touched and had experimental touching with a friend of mine when I was a boy.. probably soon after the molestation. I sometimes wonder if that had anything to do with my addiction to p***. I am sad that I have become addicted to p*** and will continue to try and stop the addiction, but I would like any or all who see this post to pray for me and to forgive me for my carnal bad habit. I am so ashamed. I am a Christian, and I try very hard not to judge anyone else, lest yea be judged. Which, if you are a Christian, is really what you should embrace. People make mistakes and are not perfect, but I am ashamed of my sexual p*** addiction and I sometimes think that God will condemn me or separate himself from me. Sorry for the long post. How can he forgive me when I constantly fall. The guilt is never ending, but is a reminder to me whenever I start thinking about judging anyone else.

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  • Addiction what makes money to the p*** business. you need to get another hobby and get your mind of p***. no judgement just support

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