Broke-up via Text

I broke up with my girlfriend of six months via text message today. Apparently, this is the worst way to break up with someone. In the first three or four months, she broke up with me this way twice, but we got back together and worked it out. As a divorced man, she always felt intimidated by my ex-spouse. In our relationship, she would say hurtful and disrespectful things about me and my failed relationship with her. After telling her how I was hurt about how she was totally cold hearted towards me recently after a recent fight with her, she again started to berate me about my ex and my character. I kindly mentioned this pattern of behavior and would not tolerate it no longer. And that is when I told her that it is over. I have since received 20 pages of hate text in return so far. She has demanded that I send her back all of her belongings, plus all the gifts she has given me throughout our relationship. She nonchalantly mentioned her hatred for me, and threatened me and my children if she doesn't get everything back. I understand that breaking up via text seems harsh, but telling someone like this in person seem reasonable, or safe? I am sending all her stuff back, to include the gifts that she bought me. I am actually thinking about filling a police report and a restraining order, but I am hesitant since she will be notified - and the police don't show up unless something bad has already happened.

Feb 5, 2020

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  • Since it's nearly Valentine's Day, I have to tell this group that I had a married woman end our affair by including that declaration in a Valentine's Day card she sent me, letting me know that she had started dating her boss at work. She intended to continue living with her husband and children, but she was ending our relationship so she could devote more of her time to f****** her boss, "because that n***** has a g****** horse c***" and "he f**** like a wet dream". She said "there is no way I'm passing up this opportunity: something has to go and that something, unfortunately, is YOU." I'm totally serious. This was in a VALENTINE'S card.

  • It’s not the worst. My exwife of almost 30 years was caught in my bed with the teenage drug addicted sister of our sons best friend. Out of anger I decided to not hang out the dirty laundry for the whole neighborhood to see and the next day took our motor home and camped out in the mountains to clear my head. After a few days I road my bike into town to chech if I had phone messages, only to hear the voice of her lawyer telling me that divorce is going on and she was keeping everything in the house and not to return. I never gave her the satisfaction of hearing another word from my mouth. Maybe karma will call. B**** . (She has been a stay home mom since our sons birth).

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