Naked at night

I sleep **, and have since I was a kid.
As I got older and discovered how fun smoking weed was, I found I was ** more often. When I was home alone and high I would walk around the house naked.
One night I was very high, and went home. My mom was not there so I took my cloths off and was walking around with a big **. It was 3 am.

I turned around and was staring at my mom. She had been dropped off and I never heard the door. She was drunk. I went to cover myself and she laughed and said "too late for that."
Then she said "that looks fun" and proceeded to take her cloths off.

A short time later, like 30 seconds, we were face to face, and my ** was pressing into her tummy.

We kissed and she pulled me to her room.
We made love and I was so hard that after I came, I stayed hard. We just kept going and going.
In the morning we woke up and had a slow intense love making session.

Later we ate brunch and were sitting on the sofa naked.
We never mentioned what we did.

That night I went into her room and went to climb in bed with her. She said "well the genie is out of the bottle", and pulled the covers back for me.

One night we were making love and she whispered in my ear, "I am not using any birth control, I want something to do when you are away at college."
I gave her 2 things to do before I left.

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Wearing ** lgbt story

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