I hate all of my coworkers

I've been working at the same place for about 5 years working with a bunch of self-righteous, Pious Trump supporters. They act like they hate immigrants specifically Mexicans and wanted to take up a collection for the border wall. Well I had it. These people are so fuking stupid that I had take action. I recently found out I had a vaginal bacterial infection. It's not an STD it's more like a pH imbalance and it makes your puzzy smell like rank fish. I had to take metronidazole pills for about a week to clear it up. After the bacterial infection cleared up the antibiotics, I got a yeast infection !But prior to taking the pill to clear up the yeast infection, we had a potluck at work. I brought potato soup because that's one of my best dishes that I make. But I added an extra ingredient .. my yeast filled discharge. I mixed it in the soup.

Every morsel of it was eaten by my coworkers. Who said Campbell's made the best soup LOL!

Feb 9, 2020

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  • Who would want to bang a nasty s**** like this ?

  • Embrace Chaos.

    Trump has done more to protect this country than almost any other modern president. Obama released USA's stranglehold on Germany, began building the wall, and allowed the rise of China. All the work at Potsdam was erased because he was bribed by the power-mad Merkel. Don't insult.

  • I wish that I worked with you so I could eat your yeast. I would fall in love with you as soon as I tasted you. God, you are a wonderful woman. I wish that I could belong to you.

  • We could make bread out of her yeast, and dip it into her wet pu$$y and eat it mmmm

  • Haha, now, you're a butt hurt Liberal with a fishy minge . Boo hoo that you don't like trump, and want your family to be raped by Latinos.
    But I'd eat your soup knowing full well of your vaginal goodness! Xxx

  • Amazing! Love that

  • You are a sick SOB or BOB. Whatever you are.

  • Whatever. If they'd been anti-Obama, you'd practically beg to marry them.

  • If they’re pro-Thump then they are anti-Obama. They’re anti anyone who is good.
    Dump tRump.
    What does anyone like about that weirdo? His wife looks evil. He’s raping America and repugnicans are too stupid and scared to stop him. At least Mitt Romney had the guts to vote against him.

  • Haha hello butt hurt Liberal f**! Don't like your pwesident lmao.
    Well though luck. He IS your president.
    And most likely, will be again when he's re elected!!

  • ...said the basement dweller who STILL bursts into big crybaby tears every single time they're reminded of Obama. Sit down and shut up, hypocrite!

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