A little more cheating than I thought

After twenty years of marriage in which my wife, Jennifer, cheated a couple times then begged me to forgive her, I told her, if you can F uck a guy and come home and go to bed with me, then you can handle it with me watching. She thought that was just sick. No reasonable man would want to do that. But I persisted and she finally agreed to do it.
But she didn’t want to couple swap because she wasn’t ready to accept me with another woman. I figured we’d work that out later.

So I got on a swinger site and picked out a few interested fellows. I pretended to be my wife writing to them and used fake names and a town 300 miles in the opposite direction of the men I wrote to. I said we’d come to them.

I took some nude photos of her, making sure her face was not exposed. She has a cute, little birthmark that looks like an arrow pointing to a private spot on her. You’d have to blow the photo up a lot to see it and it looks like a tiny tattoo.
You’d never see it unless she’s naked, and no one would even notice it unless they were looking her over very well.

I sent a couple photos to them, just to make sure she was doable. I knew she would be but it was a turn on to hear what they had to say. Except one fellow’s comments were not exactly a turn-on.

A guy that actually lives 150 miles away responded with, “JENNIFER ! It’s me, Alan. I was with, (names four guys) when we had you last November for your birthday at Motel 6 in (town 10 miles away). I’m the one that said “that cute little Cupid’s arrow came from my heart and it’s going to my favorite part”.
H*** yes, I’d do you again. I can’t get you off my mind. You were great, and the other guys would like to join us also, if it’s okay with you and hubby”.

So here’s my dilemma. Have fun with guys that don’t know her and enjoy it but hate her, or, take her to Alan and friends, snap a photo of her face when she sees her old gāng, then walk away and file for divorce.

Feb 9, 2020

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  • When polaroid cameras first came out, they were black and white at first, then along came the ones that would do color. I took some pics, no face, to show off at bars, it was a silly kick for me. But my wife had nipples that were extremely black and long, they stuck out a full inch. But they also inverted when she wasn't excited, due to the heavy bra she wore. Some guy at a tavern I stopped at asked me if her name was Sharri, which it was. Turns out he dated her before we even met. Then he asked me if he could come over for a rerun, but we weren't swinging yet (that came later) so I told him no. I sort of wish I had said yes, that would have been fun to see her reaction.

  • Ok, I didn’t meet up with those guys but we did get with others and she was doubleteamed and DPd. Got it all on tape and I was actually proud of her. She’d make a goodwhore.
    Filed for divorce and so far it’s going alright. Glad we did the swinging before the wuhuvirus got here.
    Now I’m just chillin out until both of these messes gets worked out.
    Kind of wish I hadn’t filed so quick now. At least I still could have had her to come home to and come into.

  • I’m trying to figure out how to set up Alan and the gang to do her again. I don’t know how they got together before or if one of them might contact her of try that.
    I don’t know what to say without giving myself away.
    I like the suggestion about serving papers on her while it’s happening.
    I’d like to find out from Alan how it happened before, but I don’t know how I’d ask that without divulging it’s not my wife talking to him.

  • This jennifer? With birthmark, does she originally have brown hair and would be about 36 should have a birthday about now! If so could be 37? If so I can definitely tell you more I think I know her!!?

  • Nice try, Mr. Fisher, but I’ll help you out with some hints. She’s 39 and her birthday is somewhere between the 5th and the 7th of November and she has naturally blondish-red hair, which she has dyed blonde, red, and even brown at one time or another.

    And I’ve hatched a plan. I’m still acting like I’m Jen and I told him (Alan) to get a date and time arranged with the guys but to act like they don’t know me and they’ve never seen me before, when ‘Hubby’ is there.
    I told him none of them should contact me at all and I’ll only talk to him on the swinger site. He’s not to say anything about knowing me, in case ‘Hubby’ should want to see my conversations.

    I did that because I can’t talk to him about that which I have no knowledge, like she would be able to do.
    I intend to have hidden recording devices in the room and I know exactly how I can get a call that means I’ll have to leave for at least an hour after the action starts, so they can talk freely. I imagine they would turn off the video recorder as soon as I leave so they can ‘high-five’ and make their snide comments.

    I’d also like to have a deputy arrive to serve the divorce papers about the time she takes several loads to the face, and have him, or her, identify and interview the men, so I can subpoena them as witnesses, if I should need them in divorce court.

    I do not want to involve family vindictively, unless necessary. It should give me great leverage as far as having her agree to accept virtually any reasonable offer I propose in our settlement.

    And I’m not worried about someone recognizing her on here because this seems to be a pretty obscure website with not a lot of visitors. Anyway, I don’t think this is going to drag on very long. As soon as Alan sets a date that works for us, and my attorney says it’s all right for me to do this, or I should say, it’s all right for Jen to do this. Hopefully, less than two weeks and not more than a month.

  • No, I really thought I knew her! And as for your plan there many better ways! But you seem to think your some kind of mastermind, you clearly are delusional! She is going to take you to the f*cking cleaners! You unbelievably stupid dumb f*ck! You think you're clever when you are divorced you are going to own nothing absolutely nothing, some advice ask what she is entitled to from an independent source and they will tell you that your plan is malicious and entrapment of your own device!

    Why go to all this trouble just divorce and stop being stupid!?

  • Hey, boy, calm down. He didn’t call you a dumb f*ck, you unbelievably stupid dumb f*ck.
    And what are you, a lawyer? Heck no, you’re way too stupid to know anything about law.

  • Tease her a week prior the romp fest, prepare divorce paper and a camera, bring her to the s***** motel and serve papers and shoot pictures. Best of all if you have kids and in-laws show them the pics.

  • Divorce for sure.

  • Why divorce? Enjoy having a Hot Wife.

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