Show and tell

The wife wants to make a ** movie. The other day after ** she sits up and tells me she wants to make a ** movie . I almost fell out of bed, I was completely blind sided. My mind began to race as to what she was really up to. I admit she looks very ** in or out of clothes , She is in her 40's but has the look of a woman in her early 30's.
I told her to pick out some ** things to wear for the movie, she shockingly had already gotten a very tight very short black dress. and ** undies to go along with it.
With a tv hook up she can watch us doing it in any position she likes. I have to admit i am enjoying all this as well.
This went on for a couple weeks when she says she would like to see us with other people, again my mind began to race, is she kidding ? Is this what she had planned all along ? Was I so stupid to not have seen it coming ?
So now what do I do ? Do I go along with her and let her get some lover and one for me as well ? Do i tell her she will be going to far ?
I feel like I stuck my head in a noose, damned if i do and damned if i don't.
I should never have been ok with this from the beginning.
The wife can't wait to be filmed with another guy and watch me with another woman. This is like a train wreck, it could destroy our marriage .
One moment I'm all for it and the next moment I want to say no to the whole thing. I don't know what to do and of course i am beginning to believe she had this planned from the beginning. I suspect she already has someone picked out for herself and would love to start without me.
To be fair her ** drive is greater than mind but I have managed to keep up with her so far. Lost hubby.

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Closeted Bottom B****

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  • Okay, buddy. Here’s the scoop. She’s hot to trot and she’s going to get some ćóćk, with or without your permission.
    She’s being nice and including you at this point, but if you scréw it up, she’ll be getting it behind your back. And that can be a whole lot worse for both of you.

    So enjoy the show and be there for her support and protection if she needs it. You’ll both be happier.
    Oh yeah, take good videos and photos to enjoy later. You’ll be glad you did when you’re older.

  • That's sounds rough. I'm pretty tame for the most part so your situation would be my nightmare. Having said that, life is complicated and anything can happen and have any result. Who knows it could be fun for you too. I think if you go through with it you need to have a long talk before hand and establish rules and try to figure out if it's worth the risk.

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