My parents are complete hypocrites

So I am renting a room from my parents (they are living in a completely different province... Provinces are basically like states for Americans so imagine them living in a different state).

My room I am renting is in the basement. They have someone else renting a room upstairs.

Now they came back and started accusing me of being the cause of mice cause they found food stuff in my room (I had a bag of empty pop cans that I had washed out... After I finish drinking something from a can I will rinse the can out with water before crushing it).

However, when I first moved into the room (I moved away for college) I scrubbed dishes that were growing mold along with swept and mopped the floors multiple times just to get the crap out... I also removed heaps of food from behind and under the stove and fridge. Not only that, they came back for a few days and food is literally littered everywhere and is rotting.

They claim I am the reason we have mice yet the only time I even eat at home is when they are here and the closest thing I have to food products is aluminium cans (oh and I had an empty chip box, like that contains bags of chips cause I use the box to haul stuff).

To top it off, my step dad is coming after me for our snow removal agreement because it snowed the day they came here and the snow wasn't automatically shovelled even though the rest of the winter when they weren't here the paths were shovelled and the sidewalk was clear. It was literally snowing when they called me b******* me out about there being snow on the sidewalk.

This is the last straw. As soon as I am gone, I am gone. I rented the room for my parents because I knew money was tight for them and they were living elsewhere. Like I know it might seem like them doing the favour but if I had moved into an apartment in the city instead I would be paying about $500 less per month. I am doing a favour for them and they are getting p**** because of a bottle bag and snow on the ground when its snowing.

I am of the opinion that if I never see my mom and step dad again that I will be more than happy. Times are tough, they had to take jobs away from where they live so to afford their house they rented it out to me and 1 other person yet somehow I should be praising the ground they walk on because they provide the roof over my head (that I pay for).

Also when I say I rent 1 room... I rent 1 room in the basement, the other Tennant rents the entire upstairs (for the same amount of rent money). I don't have access to the kitchen, a shower or working bathroom (I have to shower at the gym) or really any running water and the laundry room is a shared space. No, I'm moving out in March and they aren't going to see me again. They may be family but they are not going to be in my life.

Feb 29, 2020

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  • My mom is the same way. 'Don't f****** curse at me!', 'Watch your f****** mouth!', 'Stop wasting your money!' (As she spends all her money on cigarettes), 'You will not disrespect me!' (She's been abusing/disrespecting me ever since I could walk), etc. I want out, but I have no place to go.

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