Some years ago, I lived in a state that bordered Mexico. Over the time I lived there I became aware of corruption within local law enforcement and attempted to expose it. During that period an individual who was in the US illegally contacted me. He told me his wife, son and daughter had been murdered by members of a drug cartel that operated between the US and Mexico. He wanted to avenge the murder of his family and asked me to help him. He said he could give me evidence against the cartel that would expose their entire operation. Based off my observations of him I believed he was a smuggler. I told him I could not help him because I did not have proof of what he was telling me about the cartel and its operations. The truth is I was too scared and wanted nothing to do with it. Sometime after our meeting he provided me with what appeared to be evidence of what he told me. This included information on corrupt law enforcement officers within the US Customs, Border Patrol, ICE, FBI, DEA, the state attorney’s office, the state police and multiple sheriffs and police departments who were assisting the cartel in their operations. That was the main thing I came across within the alleged evidence that made me want to do something with it and pass it on to the proper authorities. Because of not knowing who I could trust based off the possibility of the information being truthful I decided to not do anything with it. Another item I was given was maps of drop houses around the area. Now up to a point I was not sure whether the information I was given was accurate or not. Then one night sometime later I was watching the news and a story came on about a drop house that was discovered in a larger city not far from where I lived. I remembered the maps of drop house locations I was given and checked it. The map and all the details were the same as reported on the news. It was at that point I realized at least some of the information was correct. I decided I wanted nothing to do with this, but I did not want to destroy the information. I found a spot in the desert that I was sure would not be disturbed for some time in the foreseeable future and buried it. After that an opportunity to leave the state presented itself and I got out and never looked back. However, I believe in trying to right a wrong and the truth is every now and then this bothers me. Over the years I have tried to pass on the information to various law enforcement agencies so it can at least be investigated. Trying to do this and remain anonymous is difficult so as far as I know up to this point nothing has been done. I am posting this because I need to put this behind me, and this is my way of doing so. The one thing I do always question is how he got the information that he was able to pass on to me. The only way I can think he did it is that someone he knew still worked within the cartel and for their own personal reasons wanted to help him or help themselves in some way by providing it to him. I will not respond to anyone or anything so trying to contact me would be a waste of time2801ge

Mar 4, 2020

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