Decisions-Choices: The consequences and making the right one

Decisions-Choices: The consequences and making the right one brings true love and beauty

My decision-choice was based on a mental, emotional, and spiritual one. Surrendering to all of it and submitting to the real person that I am and not living a lie to myself, and not pretending that I wasn’t submissive was the greatest relationship choice I’ve ever made 2 failed relationships (not of my own doing). Finding a woman that cares so much and loves me so much was a blessing in life. I’ve submitted and declared in a vow of surrendering promise she Queen of my life.

I’ve never ever been this deeply in love in my life. She took me from a man full of rage and a condensing attitude towards women to a contrite humbled full of meekness. She has disciplined me so much that I’ve corrected my tone of communication. Having my filthy Ego spanked and spanked hard after a year long reflecting on myself and a full night of emotional breakdown I’ve truly changed. I even love myself more because instead of full of anger, I’m full of humility.

I don’t even care if some men think that I’ve sold out and become a Sissy of sorts. I’ll gladly take that Sissy label throw me a whole store of ** I’ll gladly wear them. Embracing the Feminine alongside of the Masculine to achieve that needed balanced is a great thing that has happened. Masculinity and Femininity (no Delusional Trans) in one package is amazing.

Gaining those good behavioral attributes of the Feminine and ridding myself of the bad behavioral attributes of the Masculine is now my continual goal. I’m glad I have my Queen to take my hand and help me with that and walk with me on that journey. Before She came into my life I was headed in a dark direction in my life.

Submission is indeed a beautiful thing and is so full of such beauty that once you embrace it all you become that same beauty and become a beautiful person that’s more attractive. Acceptance and embracing your true self is the beginning of a whole new life full of true love.

25 days

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