I love adulery

. . . that I cheat on my husband constantly. Also,I've done that as often as three times within a single day.
There is nothing my husband does sexually that thrills me half as much as the simple act of opening my legs to a man I've never met before (especially if he's married!). I love infidelity.

Mar 11, 2020

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  • Live your life at fullest.

    We have only one life to live.

    Take precautions.

  • How does your husband feel about this. Hopefully he is OK with it and supports you.

  • Be sure your sin will find you out. L*** is a fleeting pleasure (you needed 3 in one day, human flesh is insatiable. Seek God . the world won't satisfy you)

  • Why? does God like fu cking too?

  • LU ST

  • Be careful, this may turn around and bite you in the ass. You sound like you are being careless, what if you get caught ? Are you one of those women who thinks she is smarter than her husband and will never get caught ?
    I suspect you haven't given it any thought at all.
    you say you like s******* around well ok. talk to hubby about swinging you may be surprised at his answer.

  • O fu ck u bit ch i wish i could put my hands on you to teach u real defination of rape. You cu nt

  • You're sicker than her

  • Wife, she's 45 and still hot, and I -- not religious -- so we confess stuff to each other - stuff like: an old lady bumped with me her shopping cart and I told her to f*** herself.
    Or this one: last month in NYC on biz, a handsome young guy at my hotel bar hit on me and I f***** him in my room and gave him a b****** in the morning -- it was so hot and i'm so sorry.
    Never in a million years would I think she would do that -- for penance I made her give me a rim job (her 2nd one ever -- first one she was drunk and I talked her into it and she went through a bottle of mouth wash after.

  • It is always a great fantasy for many women. If you are true what yu havew said, go no enjoying adulterous f*** - you live only once!!

  • Wish we could meet

  • But Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

  • F U

  • Cann't he go down a little bit to find your p****?

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