Syntribate ( crosses leg , thigh squeeze)

Ok I had no idea what this was until 2 years ago( I’m a girl). It started when I was in elementary school. I had to use the bathroom really badly. But we had a test and I wanted to finish. I sat in my seat squeezing my thighs together. I crossed my legs and I would rock my hips in my seat. Then out of nowhere this tingly and amazing feeling happened in my private area and all over my body. I suddenly didn’t have to go so bad. It felt amazing. I was sweating slightly and breathing hard. Flash forward I started doing it at home. I would lay in my bed and cross my legs until I felt that pleasant feeling. When I was 14 I finally decided to look up thigh squeezing and leg crossing. It said syntribate. I had never heard of it before but I looked into it further and found out it was a form of materbation. I was shocked. I came across a website called I found stories of other women like me who did this. I felt happy. To this day this is how I get off. I do it at school on the bus and definitely at home. I would spend an entire day just c******. I told my boyfriend and to my shock he found it sexy that I can do it fully clothed and in front of him. One time I forgot he was coming over and he found me doing it in my room. I was laying on my side moving my hips around while my legs were crossed and moaning. When where together he would sometime ask me to just do it. I would lay back on him and he would just watch me o*****. He would smile and give me a kiss and tell me how sexy he thought it was. I love having o****** like this. Sometimes I wish the feeling would never stop cause it feels so good. If you wanna see more stories go to a ton of women share there stories. Anyone else do this?

Mar 17, 2019

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  • You should check out Reddit. There’s a whole community called syntribation

  • Thank you for sharing your story. i wish i have a girlfriend to do it in front of me. I love to see girls orgasming this way.

  • Your very welcome

  • Im 11 and i tried it and it wint work

  • Pornhub has crossed leg m*********** videos too

  • You are obviously shilling for the website, but okay.

  • Check out the website it’s real

  • Check out penisland for all your stationary needs

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