Talking Dirty Results

After being married for a few years, I found out I could spice things up with my wife by talking dirty to her, like, "Honey I am going to get you a young black stud". etc etc,,,, this kind of fantasy talk would really turn her into a hot babe.
One night we were really gong at it and she blurted out, "Promises, Promises and noting". Well I took that as a challenge and found a young black college guy and ask him if he was interested. At first he was suspicious, then after talking some and showing him my home, he agreed. I told my wife that I had a date for her Saturday night, she giggled and "I dont believe it". The black kid showed up Saturday night and I told them I was leasing the house and would return after midnight. I drove around the block, parked the car and returned to the house and peeked through the window I had left up a few inches so I could hear. They were soon naked in bed and he was telling my wife that he was going to make her his baby's momma. She replied oh yes daddy, I pump me full of them black baby seed, etc etc, a lot of talk and they were like a couple of teens on prom night.
Just to make this short, the black kid comes every Saturday night now and I have to put up with it. Actually I sort of like it.

Dec 10, 2020

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